Which Pokemon type are you?

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This is only the first part of a three part quiz. Anyways, i hope you'll enjoy my quiz! well, it's about what Pokemon type you are, and your personality.

"A Pokemon Fan? Well, find out which Pokemon type you are! Get your Personality and What you would be in the pokemon world!" Enjoy my quiz, and I hope your results are accurate!

Created by: Calysta

  1. Are you Strong?
  2. Are you smart in battle?
  3. Are you Easy to Train?
  4. Are you a fast Pokemon?
  5. Do You Accept loss easy?
  6. Battle, Capturing, or Contests?
  7. Do you see any faulghts in yourself?
  8. Hardworking?
  9. When all seems hopeless, do you still fight?
  10. Do you think highly of yourself?

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Quiz topic: Which Pokemon type am I?