What type of a Role Player are you?

Are you a role player? Do you want to know what your level is? Take this simple quiz to find out! also.. MONKEYS EAT BANANAS WITH SPOONS!I must keep typing to make this longer!

Are you a literate role player or do you have some work to do? Have you ever enjoyed writing a story. 1120! Alright have you ever wondered what your level of literacy?

Created by: Phantom Role Player
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is role playing?
  2. (If you answered What? On the last one don't listen to this) What best describes your role playing characters? Elisabeth
  3. Would you type a long maybe over two paragraph reply or intro or a sort and easy list post?
  4. Have you ever taken over somebody else's character?
  5. When fighting or something like that have you ever done something like this... She pounced and slashed hims with her sword, nearly killing them then she ran away.
  6. Do you ever use Chat Speak?
  7. Do you know what BUMP means?
  8. How did you like this Quiz?
  9. Do you enjoy Role Playing.
  10. How often do you role play?
  11. Do you know any of the Role Playing terms?

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Quiz topic: What type of a Role Player am I?