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  • You are a beginner Role Player. You at times may take control of other's characters in the role play. You may at times have Mary-Sues or Gary-Lues for your characters. You use Chat peak a times as well maybe. Your not the most descriptive person at times, and you may have short and annoying posts. You have grammatical errors at times you may not have those terrible urges to correct them.You use list post rather than a intro.

    Actually, I've been roleplaying for almost five years. I use intros, never List Posts. I don't use Chat Speak, and I don't god-mod and take control of characters. I don't have grammatical errors unless I make an accidental typing mistake, and I like to think of myself as quite descriptive. I don't have "short and annoying posts", I'm usually the one with the longer posts, but not too long.

    Although I did have some Mary Sue characters in the past, I try not to.

  • I skipped to te end wit no answers and got "Literate to Advanced"

    I am proud

    The Dude

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