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  • Zombie roleplay?
    "i know i'm a bit late but can i join as well, i havent roleplayed in years"
  • "if the new quiz doesn't include nsfw roblox pronography I dont want it"
  • "this new generation? not much"
  • 2019 Meme Thread
    "ugandan knuckles is old as s---*"
  • 2019 Meme Thread
    "ugandan knucle is odl sis hist"
  • Portae Infernum
    "Also, what kind of weapons are available? I'm personally thinking of some supernatural guns lol"
  • Portae Infernum
    "Can I replace flight with even stronger/faster abilities? Like I can't fly but I'm stronger/faster than the average Tenebris?"
  • Portae Infernum
    "This seems neat, I might join as a... Tenebris?"
  • From Newbie to Novice
    "Quizzes dude. Posts alone will eventually get you there but it'll take a significantly longer amount of time. I'm pretty sure making a quiz ..."
  • "first I thought this was some misplaced roleplay but then "bleak falls... oh""
  • Just an idea
    "Seeing as I've had this profile pic for the past five years or so, maybe "
  • Just an idea
  • Roleplay
    "Hmm very nice, what kind of roleplay are you agreeable to? Like group, 1-on-1? I prefer smaller group roleplays but I can accommodate others..."
  • Roleplay
    "Would anyone like to have a casual roleplay with some old nobody (me)? Either you or I can provide the plot."
  • "how you feel today"

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