What Level Soaper Are YOU?

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We have all tried to join soaps and have been told that our level of soaping is not high enough for them. How are we supposed to know what our level is?

What is YOUR level of soaping? For the first time, you can take a quick quiz to find out! No more worrying about not knowing your level of soaping and who you can and can't join!

Created by: Zane ls Here

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  1. Have you ever soaped with anyone before?
  2. When soaping, how many lines do you normally type?
  3. How many soaps have you done?
  4. Do you have good grammar? Be honest for best results!
  5. What Forum is used for Soaping/Roleplaying?
  6. What gender parings have you done before?
  7. Have you ever done a group soap?
  8. Do you describe your characters well? Be honest for best results!
  9. Do your characters have biographies that are more than three sentences long?
  10. How long does it take for you to respond to a soap on a normal day?

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Quiz topic: What Level Soaper am I?