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  • No Subject
  • Goodnight all.
    "Also, the Canadian Immigration Website has officially crashed. I wish I was joking. Love you guys. xx"
  • "i only remember the upmost important information, of course anyways this election got me anxious so imma head to sleep "
  • My Thread~
    "no thanks"
  • My Thread~
    "trump just won nc where i live goodbye"
  • My Thread~
  • "jokes always work i took biology honors but all i remember is evolution, the kingdoms of biology and cells and tha"
  • "you get a golden retriever "
  • My Thread~
  • "what do you do when you lose your dog"
  • "would a joke help perhaps"
  • My Thread~
    "i dropped my pen and in trying to get it, did a back bend and my spine made the most satisfying popping noise"
  • My Thread~
    "canada is too canadey ireland is too far away sweden means learning another language so i'll pass"
  • My Thread~
    "i went under the tag 'election 2016' and it's all about moving to canada and sweden and ireland lmfao"
  • My Thread~
    "eh some ppl on there are super chill some need to just idk stop lmao"

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