How Well Do You Know Me? [2015 Edition]

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A lot of people have seen or spoke about the name in whispers, Zane Is Here. Though he is pretty infamous am no users, don't you want to know how much you know about this wonder?

Now, it is time that you figure it out. Have you been paying attention in Newb Class enough to have learned about this infamous figure? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: Zane ls Here

  1. What is my first name?
  2. What is my middle name?
  3. What is my last name?
  4. Out of this list, who is my best friend?
  5. Same question as above, different list of people.
  6. Who am I in a relationship with as of right now?
  7. What are my two favorite colors?
  8. What is my current age as of February 24th, 2015?
  9. When is my birthday? (There was some confusion on other websites about the month, so I just gave you that.)
  10. What do I say right before I leave GTQ to sleep?
  11. What do I normally say in the morning on GTQ?
  12. What is my favorite animal?
  13. Which word do I use the most?
  14. What is my favorite brand of shoes?
  15. My favorite band?
  16. My favorite thing to do is...
  17. Zane is..
  18. My favorite sport?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me? [2015 Edition]