Can I guess your gender?

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Today I will try to guess your gender but can I?I know there is only 2 to guess from and only 50/50 chance I can get this wrong.Answer this questions truthfully!

This is my first quiz,and first guessing quiz this is all about can I guess your gender?Just answer the questions truthfully if your transgender go with male if your tomboy and female for gay!

Created by: Favier Xavier

  1. What do you do when you wake up?
  2. How long do you look on the mirror?
  3. How long do you get your clothes on?
  4. Do you apply make up?
  5. Do you rush dowstairs?
  6. Are you worry about your hygiene?
  7. Are you lazy?
  8. Are you big hearted?
  9. Are you good with colors?
  10. Are you good at focusing?

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Quiz topic: Can I guess my gender?