Can we guess your gender?

Can we guess what gender you are in only 12 questions? Only one way to find out! Go ahead, click that play button to begin!

I promise I won't use the gender question to calculate your score. Don't believe me? Lie about your gender and it won't affect what you get. If I guessed your gender wrong, I'm very sorry. Thanks for taking this quiz :)

Created by: MeadowRB
  1. Hello
  2. What's your favorite color out of the following?
  3. Favorite sport?
  4. What would you rather do on your weekend off?
  5. Favorite dog out of the following?
  6. Spiders?
  7. What kind of student are/were you in school?
  8. What outfit would you likely wear to a formal occasion? (Be honest)
  9. What would you wear to the swimming pool?
  10. Will you comment and rate this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Can we guess my gender?