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RolePlaying can get very serious. Some RPs are beautifully done and formatted to make a story with no problems. A good RP can be great to play in, if all the players are propperly assimilated.

Sometimes, though, a poor RPer will join, and this can possibly ruin the entire Rp, or parts of it, making it hard for the maker to turn the RP into a story. This quiz should give you an accurate reading on what skill level any RPers may have.

Created by: Ricky Infinity
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  1. Does ____ know most terms for RPing? Examples: Bunnying, Godmod, OOC
  2. Does ____ use *Asteriks* to show action?
  3. How does ___ show dialogue?
  4. How does ___ use thought?
  5. Does ___ use cheap attacks?
  6. When fighing, does ___ seem to never get hit?
  7. Does ___ kill way to much?
  8. Does ___ bunny? Bunnying is controlling other people's characters.
  9. Does ___ control the enviroment in RPs he/she doesnt own?
  10. Does ___ use characters with powers that arent from that world? (Like using a wizard in a war RP)
  11. How long are the person's posts usually? (Big points)
  12. When in an RP with many people in it, does __ usually post multiple times in a row with another poster, leaving others out?

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