How "popular" are you at school

You took other quizzes, but I bet that they judge you on your likes and dislikes. You feel frustrated. Believe me, I was you. I wanted a simple answer; was I popular. But what is the true measure of popularity? Is it latest fashion, how you act, how you LOOK? Here's a quiz for you if you want a true I spirit g answer

What would you say to a midnight party? What would you say to breaking rules, being sassy and being a cheerleader? What do those names remind you of. That's right popularity. The king of stereotypes.

Created by: Webkinshakers

  1. How do you feel with public speeches?
  2. What's your favorite hobby
  3. What's your opinion on the stereotype popular.
  4. What would be an estimate on friends
  5. You're beat friend has been spreading horrible rumors. What is ur reaction?
  6. You're moving away from your friends/ school. You have one month until you go. What's your plan?
  7. What do you're friends view you as
  8. Someone called you a stupid bossy dramatic. What do you say back
  9. A rainy day is perfect for
  10. On Facebook you usually

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Quiz topic: How "popular" am I at school