Are you smart?? (not accurate)

This is just a fun quiz to test your knowledge I come from Britain so some of the questions you might not get but still take a chance and try it's not a proper test just have ago!!!! Xx

Do you have a Mega brain or are you lower?? Well you won't find out just sitting there so take this simple knowledge quiz. It's only a bit of fun!!!!! xx

Created by: georgia

  1. Maths: What is 4 squared??
  2. English: which is the right spelling??
  3. Geography: Where's Wales??
  4. Science: which of these terms means that its particles are close together??
  5. History: Who won WW2??
  6. R.E.: which of these religions reads from the bible??
  7. Music: How many beats is a quaver??
  8. Drama: what's the middle of the stage called??
  9. Art: What's it called when you draw lines across each other??
  10. Spanish: What does !Hola! mean??
  11. P.E: How do you find your maxiunm heart rate??

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Quiz topic: Am I smart?? (not accurate)