Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 5

Sorry I got this out a little late! Whoops! Haha, but stay tuned, cuz next part is going to be out -hopefully- soon. If you want to know why it's taking me, I have major tests before Christmas break because my teacher thinks it's "Punishment" from the long break.

Ok, one important question. what do you view Cameron as? Please please please comment on this, before this is INSANELY important to the story. Ok thanks! leave a suggestion, comment, STAY TUNED! :::cookie monster:::

Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. As soon as you walk out, you notice the sun is still up. Balmy spring, the luxurious days. He lets go of your wrist and leads you to his car. It was a BMW. You flinch. "Where are you taking me?" He says, "First thing's first." You were exasperated. Then, you whined playful, "Where are you TAKING me?" Cameron gets in and so do you.
  2. The roofless car sped down the road. "Your crossing the speed limit!" you sing songed. Cameron ignores you. Finally at the red light, the car comes to a halt. Your hair was disorganized and messy from the constant blowing wind. "I'm taking you to the salon. Where you can get your facial and makeup done. Or hair. Then, I'll take you clothes shopping." He pauses. "I can't afford to be seen with you like this." You blink. "Offensive!" you say, and poke him. He drove the car into the mall parking lot. You've been here lots with Kathryn, because she says, (Quote)I need mah beauty!(Quote). Seriously, makeup is for those who are insecure in their own skin. It was pitiful. As he drags you to the salon, a tall lady with her hair up in a bun said, "Hello. Welcome. Whom are we assiting toda-" She stops and stares at you. Or maybe your hair. Then she starts TOUCHING your hair. Yes, touching without asking. You jerk away, awkwardly. Glancing at Cameron, he then says, "Yeah, she's a big trouble. Be back in 20. Bye." He leaves and the lady says, "You know that guy? Stuck up, certainly. I wonder why you're here with him..." You stare at her. The lady takes you to the recliner and washes your hair. Next, she tells you to sit down on the chair. "Don't squirm, my child." she instructs. As she chops your long hair into bangs, you look at the reflection. Another customer walks in and the lady tells another worker to assist the person. Carefully, she blow dries your hair. "You had split ends, good thing you're cutting them!" she remarks cheerfully. "Ahaha, yeah..." you say. You've never been to a salon before, so talking to almost strangers was wierd to you. At last, she runs a straightener though your hair and- violà! The magic touch. No makeup was even needed. You were staring at a face of an angel. She was pretty. All your life, looks did not matter to you. But your heart made you gorgeous and today-the lady helped you realize it. "Thanks so much!" you exclaim. "Welcome."
  3. The lady wasn't the one who said that. You turn around to Cameron. "Hey, gorgeous." he jokes. You blush. He hands the clerk a twenty dollar bill. "Keep the change!" he says. "But there is no more! You still owe fifteen dollars!" he exclaimed. Cameron gives the remainder of the money and pulls you. "Ever heard of Abercrombie? Aéropostale?" he says. You almost died of laughter. "Just because I don't wear it doesn't mean I'm not alive in the 21st century! Of course! Actually, I have plenty of clothes like that at home..." You went on. And then thought about how your aunt owns Abercrombie. He pulls you in the store and you see her talking to a teen.
  4. You pull him behind a rack of clothes."Uh, I think we should ask for advice..." Cameron says, unsure. You pretend not to notice. Instead, you go through a rack of clothes, eyeing each one, but not really paying attention. *Aunty, please don't come over...* Cameron then says, "Imma get the lady over there." Before you could tug him or pull him, he went directly up to your Aunt. Oh great. You can over hear the conversation. "Yeah, a girl... about 16?" Cameron says. Your Aunt goes to a shelf and pulls out several outfits. "Is she here? Maybe she should try it on, or decide-" your Aunt said. Cameron replied fastly, "Yeah, I'll go get her." You froze. This was going to be awkward. As Cameron comes your way, your Aunt says, "You know, I have a niece that's 16..." You groan. Way to go, Aunt. Cameron gets to you and drags you to her. She looks shocked. "Huh, you look SO familiar." she says. Cameron has absolutely no idea is going on, so he asks, "What about the clothing?" Your Aunt looks over and replies, "Oh no need! Hannah already has them all." You blushed. "Hi Aunt Debra." you croak. Cameron looks at you two. He doesn't seem bothered at all. He then asks, "Oh so then do I get a discount for the sunglasses?" You thump his head. "Sorry." he murmurs. You smile.
  5. "Fine hon. Only because you're with my favorite neice." she says. Aunt Debra takes the sunglasses to the counter, and types in some numbers and codes. Cameron turns to you. “Next, were going back to your house and change. Then, we study for math.” he tells you. "Ok," you agreed. Your Aunt comes and tells Cameron to pay to the clerk. After he went, Aunt Debra poked you playfully. "That your boyfriend? Oh he IS cuuute. Maybe self centered, but you are stubborn. Works, I guess. His hair is so soft looking! Aww, Hannah is growing up! I remember when you were just a baby!…" You blink. You blink again. "No, Aunty he is not by boyfriend! Ewww, gross! We were just studying for math." you explain. She puts her hand on her hip. You sigh. Sometimes she seems younger than you. But you love her. She is like a second mother to you. Breaking your contemplation, she says, "At Abercrombie? Strolling the mall is not studying! You must love him to agree to come with him. Even I couldn't do that. Remember Spring break last year?" You think back. Aunt Debra asked you to come and help with the store for one day. "No way," you had told her. Now your thoughts drift back to reality. Why had you come with Cameron? Cameron comes back and you say, "Bye!" Cameron nods at your Aunt and she waves. When you two leave, it's dark out. The watch on your wrist read, 7:04. Oh gosh. You didn't tell your dad. He's usually home by 7:15. You turn to Cameron. "We can't study tonight," you say. "My dad is coming home soon, and I didn't tell him." Cameron raises his eyebrows. "Then call him!" he tells you. You turn to him. "Oh yeah," he says, in a soft tone. "You kinda broke it, so can you give me a ride home, and see you never!" you say. "Hey! I still need help!" he protested. You see his eyes gleaming. You look away and thought about how Kathryn would feel. Studying behind her back with her ultimate crush. "Go ask Sydney. She's way better looking and snottier. I'm pretty sure she'll know the math lesson."
  6. He looks at you. "Please? It's the homework. Only today. I'm begging, and I woud never beg," he jokes. You sighed. Cameron's light blue eyes were so pretty, like a beautiful summer blue sky. Still, Kathryn would definitely not approve. Best friends were there for each other, and you think back at sixth grade, when she kept your secret of stealing the teacher's marker. The teacher had gotten mad and demanded who took it. Kathryn was so loyal, and she was mad at you at the same time you took the marker. But still, she did not tell. Now it was your turn. A flood of things rushed to your head. "I can't," you repeated. Cameron smiled. It melted you, but you would've never admitted it in a million years. "Ugh, I don't like working with you" you say hastily. "What?" he asks, confused. "I don't like you. You are mean and stupid. I have actual friends," you spoke, without thinking. Cameron's face drooped and it could've killed you. "Ok. But just know that you'll never, EVER, be popular, even if you gave a ****." he grunts. You gasp. That was the meanest thing anyone has said to you! Cameron's so mean! Your words were a mistake, but what he said was beyond that. He didn't even know why you had to keep away! Tear welled up and you were crying because you did something stupid. Now it's too late to fix it. "I don't need you!" you scream. Cameron looks like he felt bad. Too late. Tears already streamed down your face. Kathryn isn't supposed to like Cameron. Why did you care, though? Cameron cannot be replaced. Such an @ss. Yet he makes you smile in no way Deanna or Kathryn does. He comes closer to you. "I'm sorry." he whispers. He embraces you in his arm. You try to fight it. But it felt good. You push him off. "See you never." you sniffle and walk away. Back to your house. "Don't you want a ride?" he asks. This time, you start running. When you race back, your dad wasn't there yet. *Thank god* you sigh.
  7. The next day was confusing. It was very windy out, and you didn't want to walk to school. Only one choice. Take the big yellow monster. AKA, the Forestwood High School bus. It comes at the peak of dawn, and that is one of the reasons why you hate taking it. If you were to walk instead, you could get up at seven O'clock instead of 6:30. Too late now. You decided to wear the clothes your Aunt gave you for your birthday. They were still new, the tag and sticker still on it. You never really like labels, and avoided it like a fly avoids a frog. Throw on some Levi's skinny jeans and an abercrombie T-shirt. Not sweater and baggy sweat pants. Oh well. you grab your backpack and race to the bus stop. The street lights were still on. A moment later, the bus came around the corner. You step in, and Kathryn is in somewhat the middle. Strolling down the aisle, you had planned to sit net to her. She see you coming and scootches over. Then, Hailey, a popular girl asked you to sit next to her. You look up at Kathryn and mouth, 'Sorry.' and sit next to Hailey. You never looked back to see Kathryn's expression, but you knew it ain't happy. *Was it my hair cut and clothing that led to popularity? Oh my gosh, Popularity is SO overrated.* Second after second in the school bus, the popular girls were discussing makeup, guys, and stores. During each of them, you have wished that you were sitting with Kathryn instead. Cameron made you mad yesterday, and you need a friend. The problem was, if you talked to Kathryn about it, see would be mad you hung out with him, alone. Also, that you didn't tell her. *Well I was gonna, until stupid Cameron broke my phone.* Suddenly, the entire bus got up. But not you, you were seated and forgot. You got up, embarrassed. Finally! The bus arrived.
  8. Once again, the first couple periods were simple. The way they used to be. You shut up the whole time, because today was a slow day for you. This is when you just don't feel like speaking at all. But teachers see it the complete opposite way. The know-it-alls who wave their hand in the air rarely get called on. Only the ones who don't. So there you were, in the middle of Science, and Mr. Parsel calls out, "So Hannah, what do you do?" You shake your head out of the sea full of thoughts. "Huh?" you say. He steps back. "This," he says, "is why we need to focus more." Then he looks at you. You stare straight back. "Anyone else?" he asks. Of course Sdyney raises her hand high above. And of course he picks on her. It's just like that. Specific people have good luck, and others, well, just don't. Mr. Parsel claps his hands in glee. "Ah yes." he says. "A student who wasn't here knows the answer." Cameron snickers and glances at you. You don't look back. After the longing time, science finally end. Actually, make that TORTURE finally ended.
  9. As you gathered your stuff, you see Jake asking Mrs. Lavinburg to switch. You glance over and sigh. Then she calls up Kathryn. Her expression grew from happy, to worried, to disappointed. You couldn't bare to look at her. She liked Cameron a whole lot. As you try to get your mind off, someone tapped your back. "What." you growl and turn around. It was Diane, the shy yet nicest girl ever. She blushed and looked down. "I'm sorry, I wanted to say I like your hair." Instantly, you felt horrible. You were putting others down. "I'm so sorry," you began. Diane brightens and reassures you, "It's alright." and walk away. Mrs. Lavinburg calls you over. From the look on Kathryn's face, you knew it wasn't going to be easy. She glared at you. Ugh. *Oh gosh...I don't want to be with Cameron. I want to punch him instead.* Reluctantly, you go over.
  10. Read: Ok, sorry this took a while, My Social Studies and Reading grade was kind of dropping, so it called for a serious studying period. Anyways, I have a question. Personally, what do you see Cameron as? It'll help me envision him as well, and I'll get the next part(hopefully !) done soon. Once again, please Comment, Leave a suggestion, and HIT THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE BOTTUM SO I KNOW I HAVE SUPPORTERS! Pwease. :] Love ya

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