dangerous love 2

this story is deticated to complicated difference thanks every one for commenting and thanks for taking this

recap you got a phone call on your phone that really scared you any way sorry for so long.so many things wrong with life now.

Created by: i_love_mee

  1. sorry for taking this long but alot of things have happened divorced parents.house on fire (aunts computer)and my uncles funeral was yesterday.
  2. alright lets get to the story first this quiz is deticatd to complicated difference i love those please take them if you can
  3. RECAP:yu looked at your phone and saw somthing that every one seemed to be worried about
  4. you looked at your phonee and saw it said it came from YOUR KILLER you screamed and threw the phone at the wall.you got scared and blacked out.
  5. you wake up and you just sit there.john walks up to you just stop to look at his black hair and his perfect green eyes.then you look closely at his neck and see millions of cuts and bruises.
  6. then you see all of the other guys walk in and just in case you didnt read the top part heres what the rest of them look like:justin black hair light brown eyes.alex curly brown hair black eyes.john black hair and green eyes. jack strawberry red hair and hazel eyes.
  7. you see john smile at you and put and wave his hand slowly over you.then all of a sudden you could move again.you start to ask how he did that but he hugged you. you hugged him back.you were starving because you blacked out for 2 weekes you you all went out to eat at your favorite resturant.
  8. while you were out you went to the resturant you had to go to the restroom so you went.whille you were whashing your hands your phone started to ring and you picked it up.all you heard was a creepy laugh.it sounded pretty weired so you hung up.and ran back.the guys asked what went wrong.but you said nothing and started to eat again
  9. you went home and your phone rang and you picked it up.you heard that famillar laugh and you weere bout to hang it up and a voice said "dont hang up ______.i sent some one over to kidnapp you so i could have you to myself.see you soon beautiful
  10. just then someone dressed in all black came in and barged in and ouut of nowhere someone barber in andyou felt faint.you turned pale and you felt an arm and of course you blacked out
  11. you woke up in a dark room.it was realy dirty and you were on that dirty floor.you are chained to little rings on the floor.you look up but you get shocked by the rings.
  12. (the guy has blondde hair like the color of justin beiber and blue eyes)(by the way i hate justin beiber) a guy appears and he has a knife in hand.he laughs and you notice its the guy from over your phone."hey my darling _____.he smiles and points the knife at you.he says."sorry hottie but i gotta hurt you a little."he stabs you with the knife.you ask "why are you so obsessed with me even though i dont know you. ive never seen you before."he laught then says"_____ ive followed you fo all of my life and yours.wanna know my name.you'll reconize it well you rember danny.well thats me."you gasp.you once had a kid crush on him."yeah i had to follow you around then i quiz my job because i fell inloe with you."he pulls the knife out again then walks to you slowly smiling.
  13. cliffhanger

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