dangerous love 3

thanks for taking this quiz this quiz is deticated to complicated difference and to starmaya thanks you two and you all are awesome for taking thi please comment and rate i really appresiate it thanks

this one was really horrible thats because my little bro is in the hospitle from astma (as you can see i cant spell) sp yeah i hope its on an ok level.so i hope you enjoy as always tell me how to improve this quiz.

Created by: dangerouslove

  1. sorry for taking so long
  2. recap:a guy named danny pulled out a knife and walks toward you slowly
  3. just then a girl walks in and beats up the guy. she practilly killed the guy.she unties you then lets you escape through the window. you didnt notice. you were focused on your life. you just kept or running. you ran until you were at the spot of the house. it turns out while you were you were gone the house turned into a mansion. it was like a little girl going to disney world for the first time.
  4. you ran it and it was your dream house. the boys wanked past you. then all of a sudden they stopped walked backwards. without turnning around he stared at you then hugged you tight. then he called down the rest of the guys. then more hugs from them. after that you all went out to eat.of course you were starving. you ate and talked and even laughed.after john told a funny joke. all their faces got sereies. they all looked concerned.
  5. then they all looked at alex. "ok ok since i know you best and i have more to explain i gotta go first."well i only know you because i had to be a protector of you even though i was a kid too. you should be getting powers in about 2-3 days. your mom is still alive but sorry we all had to erase her memory and we put it in a flash drive. any questions so far."
  6. "just one uh how did you get all her memory of me off her brain.""i`ll tell you later on but now we gotta stay focused. your dad didnt die from a heart attack he died from fighting dannys dad and now you gotta fight him. i met the guys later on and we all found out we all were ordered to portect you so we joined forces. we did research and your powers are gonna be teleporting and invisiblity and the computer said you will devolp a new power. lastly we are the only one who you can date. you see when your father died he said that he only trusted us to marry you soo.... oh and a ney guy named jake will come and help us. he will come when we make it back.
  7. as soon alex had said that a guy with gray eyes and red hair. he walks in and you notice by how much he is talking he isnt very shy. then while you guys were laughing and leaving annd all you guys (and for you all girls) saw the place was on fire. you all screamed and flew off in the car.
  8. ~cliffhanger~
  9. comment and rate please
  10. bye
  11. sorry but the results got messed up because the results come first and i changed my mind so its different so sorry
  12. oh and one more thing sorry for making it so short ill try to make it longer im so tired

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