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  • Hey again.:) This is what I think:
    #1- Grammar needs to be fixed a little

    #2- Is she an orphan or something because if I blacked out for 2 weeks and my mom didn't know she'd probably die

    #3- And I LOVE John! Jack really appeals to me too...;)

    Nice job! And I'm gonna take Complicated Difference too.

    Love, SparklyScarlett

  • 1.sorry about the puncuation errors i have to use an i pod now due to my family fire.

    2.thanks for taking the complicated difference sereies.i hope you enjoy them.

    3.she hasnt made an finale yet but she made part 38 but she said she was going to make more.

    4.she is not an orphan it will all make sense in the 3rd one.

  • She hasn't made the finale for complicated difference yet........Am I missing something?It says there's no finale yet..............I' m so confused!


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