School, Love, and Complication: Part 1

*insert words* means that you, (Sydney) are thinking. this is mostly a love story, about high school. people have their own twists and turns and you could experience it with Sydney! As a typical girl, we might have some disapointments, but stay tuned, all the way!

Some of the ideas came from what happened in my own life. I hope you guys stay tuned, comment, rate, and most important of all, I hope you guys enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy Reading!

Created by: Rockstar123
  1. 6:54 am. You groan and slowly get out of bed. Grab breakfast, brush your teeth, and settle on your cute new outfit. That's how it is, eh? First day of 10th grade. You get on the bus and see that your BFF has a guy sitting next to her. "Um, Jess, I-" you start to say. "Hey Sydney. Uh, see you." your BFF, Jess, says back. She waves and the look in her eyes, saying, 'I'm busy flirting' makes you feel alone.
  2. You hurry up and sit next to Diana, a girl that is just, THERE. You've known her since forever, but she is someone who, well, blends in with the crowd. You sit next to her and say, "Hello Diana." She turns to you and says, "hi, uh, Sydney. Why aren't you with Jess?" You look away uncomfortable, because you've never really had a REAL conversation with Diana. You manage to say, "She...she's sitting with another guy. But that's fine with me." Diana nods and turns, facing the window. You fish out your schedule, and sigh. This year, your classes are with lots of guys, and girls you barely talk to.
  3. You go to your first class, early. That is pretty normal, considering you wanted a good future. The teacher wasn't there yet, and you were surprized that a guy and a girl were there, too. The girl, had straight long blonde hair and looked fabulous. She looked at you, and said, "Um, Sydney? Is that your name? Well, could you go outside for a while? I'm discussing something..." You shrug and say, " ok, Amber." Considering that YOU'VE known her for like, 7 years, and SHE doesn't know YOU, you feel lame. Every guy falls for her. Typical blonde. As you step outside, you know that the boy's hazel, warm eyes trailing after you. *I don't know his name... but the girl is popular at my school.*
  4. Of course you don't know him. He's never been in any of your classes and you are waaaay too involed with school activities to know most of the so called, 'popular' people. You take a peek through the door and see that the guy and Amber making out. You cringe and feel slighty jealous. The guy... brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic, but seems shy. You realize your social studies teacher, Mr. Lavinberg is heading your way. "Get in, Miss Sydney, period 1 is starting!" he calls and makes hand motions. You walk in, feeling awkward to break the kissing scene inside. "Ahem." you say and Amber looks up in her fierce green eyes, her blonde hair hanging... so attractively. The guy seems like he had nothing to do with it, and the rest of the class comes in.
  5. School was a bore. (period 5, lunch) You walk in, and you see a bunch of the 'popular' gang and you take a deep breath. Lunch is the only free period that you have with your BFF, Jess. You make your way to her, and say, "Hey. Thanks for ditching me on the bus! No, I'm just kidding. What's up?" Jess laughs and says,"Nothing much, just that you have the most classes with the b*tches of the school." You groan and say, "Tell me about." After the discusting school hot lunch, Jess says, "Syd, what teacher do you have for Science?" You say, " Ms. Ryley." Jess rolls her eyes and says, "Good luck with that. She's assigning groups for a project on the 1ST day of school!" You say sarcasticly,"Thanks for the advice!" You throw out your lunch and you look up and see the guy there too, on the other side, just... staring at you. You stare back.
  6. The bell rings. A girl with wavy brown hair with a red streak highlight, taps on the guy's shoulder. "Um, Matt? Let's GO. you are going to make me late!" she exclaims. Matt (the guy) doesn't answer. he blushes and looks away. The girl groans and just pulls him in with a kiss. "Ok. You are my BOYFRIEND, Now carry THESE." she hands him her heavy Reading/Language Arts textbook, and she runs ahead, flirting with a football player. You walk away, thinking that "Matt" is such a player. As you head towards your locker, a guy taps on your shoulder. "Hey babe. Call me." he says and hands you his number. He struts away, as if he does this everyday. *WHAT was THAT?!* You slam your locker and on the other side was Matt, getting his stuff AND the brown/highlighted haired girl's stuff. He smiles shyly and you give him a weak smile.Yes, he IS a player, but he is cute. you walk to your next class, general music.
  7. The guy that handed you his number was in your class. "Sarina Carlone?" the teacher says. "Present." "Andrew Sweny?" "Present." "Randy D'Andrew?" "Present." "Jake Sanders?" "Present." You look up, and you now know that Jake was the one who sent you his number. Oh joy.
  8. Finally, it was 9th period, Science. You got there early. No one else was there. You settle in on the front row. It was pretty boring, because you were early 13 minutes. You pull out a book and start reading. Suddenly, a loud 'thud' startled you and you look up and see Matt, who dropped his binder and ALOT of books. ANOTHER girl walks in. A bestie of Amber, the brown/highlighted haired girl's BFF. This girl, Alyssa, You know. She used to be you best friend, until 7th grade, when she left you for Amber and brown/highlighted haired girl. Alyssa has sandy hair, a few freckles, and sharp, demanding eyes. "Hel-lo? Matt? Do you drop Fiona and Amber's things? Pick them up!" Alyssa scowled. She looked at you, and narrowed her eyes. Matt picked all the stuff up and dropped it on the desk, next to you. "Sweetie, we are sitting in the BACK. Got it?" Alyssa says. Once again, Matt followed her orders and sat in the back. When Science began, Ms. Ryley assigned groups for a science project (like Jess said).
  9. "Sydney, Matt, Alyssa, and Kevin will be working together." Ms. Ryley announces. Alyssa? Kevin? Oooh no. Thanks, but no thanks. Kevin was a geeky geek that is just plain... gross. You guys got together and Alyssa said,"Matt and me are doing to work together. You and-KEVIN- could work together." You are NOT letting her take charge like Matt does. "Ms. Ryley says we are working as a GROUP. Not splitting up." You say, defending yourself. "Psh, if Ms. Ryley said to jump off a cliff for an experiment, you'd do it for your grade." Alyssa shot back. You look at Matt(who looks like a lost puppy) and Kevin and say, "Fine. what do YOU Guys want?" Kevin says, "Group. We shall do as told and cooperate. If we -" Alyssa cuts him off by saying, "Yeah, yeah. What about you pumpkin?" she looks at Matt with puppy eyes. He looks at me and I raise my eyebrows. "Uh, split up?" he says, trembling. Alyssa smirks and kisses him and I roll my eyes. How many times does Matt get kissed by?
  10. Cliffhanger! part 2 COMING YOUR WAY! it'll get interesting, I SWEAR!

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