Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 9

RECAP: [you were dozing off because you were sick. You did not attend school that day. Then, someoneknocks on the door.] (: lolk. Oh and the reason i took long was lots of things came up, and I can't spend my whole life typing quizzes

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Created by: Rockstar123

  1. READ THE TOP PARAGRAPHS, THEY ARE IMPORTANT THANKS AND CHEESE.//You groan and open the front door. It was Cameron and he didn't have any expression on his face. In his hands were your homework. You look at him and snarl. "Give me it, stupid," you snicker, grabbing the books. You accidentally elbow him and push him off course. "Watch it," he grunts. You smirk and slam the door in his face.
  2. You run up, up, up the stairs to your bedroom and slam the door. From upstairs, you sigh of relief to not hear anything going on. DING DONG. DING DONG. You cover your head with blankets. It didn't even muffle half the noise. DINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONGDINGDONG! It spoke, furociously , repeatingly. "Shut up!" you scream out your window. You see Cameron standing there, phone in his hand. A text buzzes your phone. It was Cameon. Then another one. And another. The doorbell starts ringing again. You groan in fustration. "Cameron, why are you so annoying?" you yell. "I'm only annoying when it comes to you." you heard a voice. You were surprised he even heard that. It came from a different direction. You wonder...
  3. Suddenly, steps come up your stairs. The door knob turns and the door creaks ajar. "AHHH!" you scream. "Gosh it's only me," Cameron says. You take your pillow and thrust it at his head. SCORE! It hits him. You giggle. He throws the pillow back at you. You catch it. "Anyways, Mrs. Lavinburg wants us to do the next project," he says, taking a seat next to you. Luckily, your room was neat. You didn't want Cameron to think your a pig or something. "We could do it here, but it's not much..." you say. "Ok." he agrees. "I'd rather get fresh air though." you compromise. "Whatever, just hurry up," he says. Silence fills the room. He was just sitting next to you. You stare straight ahead at the mirror. Your hair was ok, though you were still in your PJ's. You could tell Cameron was staring at you. You don't look back. "Well, get out pervert!" you say. "If we're going, I need to change!" He rolls his eyes. "It's not much to see anyways." he smirks. You smack him with your pillow. "Ok, ok I'll get out," he says, walking out. You close the door behind him. You throw together a simple outfit, comb your hair and violá!
  4. You walk out and take all your homework with you. Cameron sees you're ready and walks out without even asking. It wasn't a big deal, but who did he think he was? You ignore the thought and walk by his side. "Where are we going?" you ask. "Downtown to the park." he replies. You trail him and the more you guys walk, the more distance fills in the gap. Pretty soon, you were about 100 feet behind. He stops at a red light and sees that you're lacking behind. "Hurry up, snail!" he calls. You catch up and push him. "Hey!" he protested and loses his balance. When you guys got to the park, it was strangly empty. Deserted, desolated, none. A chilly breeze blew and reminded you of earlier that morning with your dad and the delivery guy. You two sat at a table near the main entrance where the grand fountain stood. It was in the middle where no trees could shade. That way, it was warmer. At first, you two were doing all the work in silence, and it was boring. You were deep into the work, until you got to a new math question. Reluctantly, you asked Cameron about it. He showed you, and you caught on right away. You were surprised that Cameron was a good teacher. "Thanks," you murmur. "What's that?" he asked. "Thanks." you say again, louder. "Huh?" he teases. "Thanks," you say, "For this." Without thinking, you pushed him in the fountain.
  5. He splashes and gets up, his body and hair all wet. He shakes his hair and it even looked cute in the water. *No Hannah, you don't like him, remember?* He glances at you, and your heart melts. You were lost in his eyes until he pulled you in the water too. You scream and splash. "EEEK! IT'S COLD!" Cameron laughs and says, "Oh please. This isn't cold!" To prove it, he splats water on your. You flinch and shiver. "Oh no you didn't!" you scream, laughing. You kick him hard, and you guessed he wasn't expecting that. He tripped and fell back. A big thonk startled you. *Oh my gawd, did I hurt him?*
  6. He retrieves and smiles at you. You wanted to hug him in relief. But that would be weird. He lifts up his arm and there was a cut, bleeding. You gasp. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" you blurt. "It doesn't hurt," he says. "Yes it does Cameron, stop lying." you grunt. "Not the time." He shrugs and you two both get out. You were shivering from the water and he seems perfectly fine. "Are you crazy?!" you say. "Not cold or hurt?!" He shrugs and starts to walk back. Again, without telling you. "Wait!" you say. He keeps walking forward. You catch up and grab his arm. You can tell he was very fit. You see the cut, bleeding and wide. It must've hurt a lot. "Come on, I'll get you a bandaid." you say, pulling his arm. "Ow!" he complains, since you were tugging on the part cut. "Oh yeah, sorry." you say, awkwardly letting go. He knew you cared. He didn't say a word. You cared about every little thing. After what happened to your mom, a little cut like that was a big deal to you. Big deal. Big deal.
  7. This time you were leading the way. You huffed and puffed. Naturally, you were mad. It was a weird thing. When you arrived, you ran up to the bathroom. Behind the mirror, it was a cabinet. You reached for a band aid. You shuffle down the hall and see Cameron poking around in your bedroom. He was holding up a heart shaped glass necklace. "DON'T TOUCH THAT!" you yell. He got startled and dropped it on the floor, breaking it into bits of pieces. The keepsake that was once your mom's was gone. The cherished memory was not here anymore. Tears spung to your eyes, and eventually rolled down your cheeks. You slid down and sobbed, despite the fact that this might've seemed weird to Cameron. "I'm so sorry!" he apologizes. "It's not that," you sobbed. "The last part of my mom is gone now. I want to still feel connected to her. Now, I can't." You look away. This conversation did not make you want to even look Cameron in the eye. The subject was sore to you, and you'd never talked about it since. He takes a seat next you. The picture of your mom was in the heart shaped necklace that is now in bits. The picture was safe. You pick it up and a new pond of tears formed in your eyes. "She was my mom," you whispered. "Was." Cameron looked down "At least you have a mom." he said firmly. You narrow your eyes. "Cameron! Don't you get it? You should be happy your mom is still here! Be happy that you're damn rich! Stop being a stuck up spoiled brat. We're graduating soon, Cameron. This isn't still third grade. I'm f---ing pissed that you're thinking I'M the one lucky. Can't you appreciate life for once?" you scold. For a fleeting moment you saw a flash of shame and hurt in his eyes. You'd think it would go away soon and the cold, cool Cameron would come back and act like it was nothing at all. But it didn't. It stayed there. He looked away. He didn't want to talk to you. *Great, Hannah. You've done it now.* You sigh and wipe the remainder of your tears away with a tissue.
  8. "You know I'm not that perfect." he says. You snort. "But I do have feelings. Oh god, this sounds like bulls---." he continues. You softened. So maybe Cameron sees it? Maybe. "Hmm." you add. A text interrupts the thoughts. It was from Kathryn. ~cam is so hott!!~ she texted. You sigh. Lately, she hasn't been the bestest friend. Butshe still is your friend. Best friend. "Uh, Cameron, you should leave now." you suggest. Being with him was not helping you or Kathy in any way. "Are you avoiding me now?" he asks. "Yes and goodbye." you say, pushing him out of your bedroom. "But I want to stay! Besides, We've haven't finished the assignment for health yet!" he whines, lingering. *Oh crap.* "Fine. I'll do the work and give it to you homeroom. We have Library Collision day." you say. Getting him to leave was a pretty har thing. Apparently, he was staring out the window. "What are you doing?" you ask, annoyed. He doesn't answer. He takes your hand and leads you outside. His grip was strong, yet gentle and warm. It gave a chill down your spine to be holding his hand. In your yard under the trees, he points to the cloud. "It looks like you." he says. The blob shaped cloud was just a regular cloud. "Offensive! I look nothing like that!" you say. Eventually, you two laid down next each other, interpreting the shapes of the clouds.
  9. "That one," you say. "looks like a fish." Cameron instantly disagrees. "It looks like a bow tie to me. It's more round shaped! Besides, if someone else was here, they'd say it looks like a bow." He argues. "Nope." you shot back. You two lay there for a while and you see the sky. Yes, just the sky. Everything was calm, and nothing mattered. You were a part of the peaceful sky. Until someone cleared their throat. "Ahem." came a baffling voice. You sit up and see Kathy, standing there. "I texted you, but you didn't answer. I said I was coming over." she glances at you two. "I didn't mean to... interupt." she turns back ad walks away. "Wait!" you call after her.
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