Are you A B or C?

The purpose of this quiz is just so that I can level up and yeah hope you guys like it, I know it's not much but it's a quiz by me yes yes I said me. :P

Take the quiz and stop reading this. Hey I said take it. Are you deaf I said take the quiz. TAKE THE QUIZ. -_- Take it now. Just take it. Ugh just take it.

Created by: Alejandro98

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  1. What letter do you want?
  2. Time for some scenerios
  3. Haha made you think I would do scenerios?
  4. What are mostly called? Be honest.
  5. I'm about out of questions so here are my last few.
  6. Are considered funny?
  7. How well known are you?
  8. And I'm out.
  9. Rate?
  10. Comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I A B or C?