You're Fantasy part 7

Okay guys! sorry if it took too long. I had to get my labtop fixed...again!! Grrrr stupid Best Buy. Well anyway...part 7 is out now so I hope you enjoy it.

I'm not sure if I like this one so much. It's not one of my favorites so...yeah. If I made some grammar and spelling mistakes, sorry. So yeah...hope you guys like it :)

Created by: sweeneytoddlova
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  1. Macon is a vampire. He wiped off blood from his mouth with his sleeve. Two brief seconds passed and he realized what he did. "______,I...I'm so sorry." So many things ran through my mind. How long has he been like this? Why didn't he tell me? What will happen to me? I couldn't respond to Macon. I heard light footsteps of Darien walking to us. "So you gave into the monster within?" he said. I jumped by the sound of his cold voice. In his hand was a gun. It was sort of an impulse for me to jump infront of Macon. In the process of me doing it, I got lightheaded and fell into Macon's arms. "_______..." Macon murmered.
  2. "Darien, don't." I mumbled. Someone lifted me off my feet. It was Darien. "You're lucky I'm not going to kill you, Macon...yet." Darien warned. With me in his arms, Darien walked away. We went inside my room and laid me on the bed. "Explain to me what's going on." I commanded. Darien let out a huge sigh. "Macon has been like this right after his famiily died." Darien had bandages and placed one on my neck wound. "What will happen to me? I asked. "You won't be like him. His type can't change people. His thirst is for fierce though." he answered.
  3. Darien paused looking down. He was in deep thought. Finally he spoke. "He's leaving..." Darien jumped to his feet. "Stay here and actually go to bed." I did what he said because he stressed the word 'actually'. I pulled the covers over me and laid there thinking. Where is Macon going? My life is never going to be the same. What are my parents doing? What's going on back at school? Also, are all mythical creatures real? Vampires, fallen angels, and demons appear to be real. What's next? Werewolves? That's a possibility. For all I know, Liam could be one. Enought. I didn't want to think about it anymore and drifted into slumber.
  4. *Next day* "Wakey wakey." Liam cheered. He lightly pushed me. My eyes slowly opened and I checked the clock. 12:40?! Liam chuckled "You slept for a lone time." He noticed my expression didn't seem so happy. He paused to think and then smiled. "Let me take you out for lunch. To get your mind off things." he suggested. I nodded. "Ok, what's type of food? Chinese? Mexican? Italian?" I instantly responded to Chinese food. "Alrighty, get ready." he beamed out of my room.
  5. *After I got ready* The light purr of the car soothed me. Rays of sunlight kissed my cheek. I missed that a lot. We drove off. I never noticed how far Darien's house was from the town. I think I'll use this time to find out what Liam is. "So...w-what are you?" my question came out weird. "What do you think?" "Well...vampires and fallen angels are checked out. So I have to guess a...a w-werewolf." "Ding ding ding! We have a winner." He joked. "I'm right?" I was suprised but I had a feeling of pride too.
  6. We were at the restaurant now. The waitress escorted us to out table. I tripped many times but I managed to make it. A lot of people were staring at my purple iris. Liam and I both got our food. I got chow mein with two egg-rolls and Liam got chow mein with one egg-roll and a couple of sushi. I was just enjoying my food until some strange vision flashed infront of me. It ws of Liam choking on noodles. I snapped out of it. "Chew slower." I ordered to Liam. He did what i said. What's going on?
  7. Then another vision, this time it was a girl knocking over a bottle of soy sauce. I snapped out of it just in time. The girl was at the table next to me. What I saw happened but I caught the bottle before it hit the ground. I looked stunned and Liam noticed. "What's up?" he sounded worried. I paused before I answered. "I'm not sure...Liam, I think I'm psychic." Confusion is what I read on his face but then his face grew to excitement. "I'll tell the guys." He took out his phone and called the guys eagerly.
  8. After he called him. I rushed to eat my food. I knew that I wasn't going to choke. Liam at times would eat quicker with anticipation to go back to the house but I told him to slow down. Finally we finished. *at home* Darien wasn't to sure about it. "Are you sure,____?" "Yes, I'm positive." "Can you show me how it works?" still uncertain. I hesitated "Well...the visions came randomly." "Well concentrate" Darien paused to think "try to find where Macon is." he suggested. When he said that, pain struck my heart. Though, I too wanted to know where he is. I concentrated.
  9. The vision then flashed in front me. It wasn't so clear. Macon was somewhere dark. All I could really see was his pale skin and crimson eyes. His dark brown hair was blending into the darkness around him. He was drinking but I couldn't see it too well. Once he was done, he looked at himself one what I think is a mirror. He looked at his reflection in disgust and then smashed his fist into the mirror causing shattered crystal to fall down. There were deep wounds on his hands.
  10. I flinched out of the vision. Macon is disgusted in himself. Darien was looking down thinking. He probably read my mind during the vision to see it too. "You're right. It's not clear enough." he said. Liam and Sebastian looked at us is confusion not knowing what's going on. I tried to stir up another vision but I couldn't. I felt completely drained of energy. Sebastian noticed and put his arm around for support. "What do we do now." Sebastian asked. "For right now, wait." Darien answered.
  11. *evening* I felt like being alone I dragged my weak feet upstairs and into my room. I decided to skip dinner. I got worried looks by the guys. I plopped myself onto my bed and let out a huge sigh. How is this all going to end up? There are only two outcomes. Either we get rid of Marcus (the demon) or he gets rid of me. I groaned by the thought and threw myself off the bed. I landed on my knees and my arms supported my upper body. My face turned to the mirror and I pulled myself towards it. I didn't how I looked.
  12. My reflection looked tired and sad. The thing that really out-stood was my left eye. The purple of m iris looked sinister. As I looked closer I noticed that the markings slowly rotated around my pupil. I just hated my pupil. I scavenged through my drawers to find something to cover it. I found a Gothic Victorian style eye patch that was from Sebastian. In was encircled with black lace and it had rose petals slightly peeking from the back. It looked a bit like Sebastian made it himself. I wonder if he did. I put it on and viewed myself. It slightly made a difference. Slightly.

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