Dancing Alone: Part One

Hey guys! I know, I know. I've been taking my sweet time, but ya know what they say -- best not to rush. Wait.... do they say that? Who's they anyway!? Jeez.......

Anyway, to make it up to you guys, I decided to add some extra romance, because.... well, just cuz. So, I hope you all enjoy it, cuz it took me a while to think of it. Not really, I'm blessed with a romantic mind. XD

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. I glanced around curiously, looking forward to seeing Jav after school so I could tell him about my run in with Anthony. I mean, cmon! THE Anthony Wayne called me cute! That's like McDonald's saying I could have free Double Cheeseburger's for life! As I searched the halls, a hand was pressed against my shoulder. " Auh!" I gasped, turning around to see Javier.
  2. Instantly I threw my arms around him, embracing him tightly before practically spinning him around. " Woah, what happened to you? Did you finally get that popcorn kernel out of your tooth?" he teased once I pulled away, his cheeks molten lava red. " I'll tell you on the way to my house." I smiled wildly, prancing around him with a chuckle. " For real? Then let's get a move on."
  3. " So, say it slower this time." Jav insisted as we walked to my house, the wind tossling my pink hair. " So, after you abandoned me at lunch, I was kinda mad, and I muttered the word 'boys'. And then, THE Anthony Wayne comes up behind me and starts talking to me, even sits beside me and then he called me cute!" I squealed like a pig on a sugar rush, my whole body jittery as I tried my best not to bounce around. " First off, I'm sorry, I just thought it'd be cool to make a dramatic exit. Second off, I can't disagree with the guy. You ARE really cute." he smiled, his cheeks reddening as I looked up at him curiously.
  4. " Did you just call me cute?" " Huh? Uhm... Uh -- yeah. S-sorry, i-i shouldn't have said that." he smiled sheepishly, stuttering nervously. " Don't worry about it. I'll let it slide this time." I winked, leading him inside my house with a smile on my face. " Besides, your not so bad looking yourself." I teased, dodging the pillow he tossed at my head.
  5. " Yeah, yeah. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful." he smiled, fluttering his eyelashes in attempt to anger me. Well guess what? It worked! " Don't hate me cause Anthony Wayne called me cute." I shot back, his smug smirk sliding off his face. " Well.... It'd be odd if he called ME cute. I don't need his love." " Who's love DO you need?" " Well --" he began, a vibrating noise cutting him off. My phone.
  6. " Oh. My. Lord of pancakes!" I squealed, bouncing around excitedly as I read the texts. " What!? Did you win the lottery?" Jav asked, peering over my shoulder to get a look, his eyes the size of saucers. " Anthony got your number?! AND that Roger guy? AND they both asked you out!? Jeez, you lucky thing." " I know! Oh gosh, but... I sorta would rather hang out with you. Besides, I already told mum I'd be home to watch Ro." I sighed softly, quickly messaging both guys before turning my attention to Javier. " You're so nice, ya know that?" Javier teased, ruffling my hair with a grin.
  7. " You better remembering that. When I'm a little old lady who's never been on a date, you're to blame. You and Ro, that is." I sighed, plopping onto a beanbag chair with a grin. " I'm sure you'll live. Besides, you always got me." " Aw, well aren't you just the sweetest thing. Seriously though, this was like, insane. What happened at school. I mean, I'm the freak with pink hair and ANTHONY WAYNE was interested in me! Crazy, right?" I squealed, giving his shoulder a small punch. " You're no freak. I think it's cool you dye your hair." he smiled, his cheeks going crimson as I gushed over his sweet behavior.
  8. " Jav, although you're just saying that cuz you know that I have a stash of candy in my closet and you want some, that was really nice of you to say." I said, my cheeks flaming hot as he gave a wink. " Hey, I actually didn't know about the candy, but now that I do...." " Jav! Javier Nicholas Watskan! Don't you even think about it!" I screeched, chasing him to my room, trying my best to keep him away from the candy.
  9. I watched as he made his way over to the closet, his hand gently wrapping around the knob, just as I tripped over a rug, practically crash tackling him onto the floor. " Uhm -- a-are you okay?" he stammered, his cheeks red as I gave a small nod. " Y-yeah. I'm fine. S-sorry." I whispered, pulling myself off of his chest in embarrassment. " No, its fine. Could've been a lot worse I guess." he sighed, taking my hand and pulling himself up.
  10. " Hey, Maddi?" he whispered nervously, fidgeting back and forth as his eyes magnetically locked onto mine. Wow, he's actually got a pretty nice pair of eyes, now that I'm actually looking at them closely. " Yeah Javier?" " Do you--" he began, giving a shrug before pressing his soft lips against mine.
  11. Oh. My. Gosh. Javier Nicholas Watskan is kissing me. Unsure of what to think, I slowly gave in, kissing him back to show I wasn't mad. His arms slowly snaked around my waist as mine draped around his neck, and for the first time ever -- I felt loved.
  12. We slowly broke away, our eyes locked as we both blushed fiercely. " Y-you aren't mad, are you?" he whispered slowly, trying to look away, but couldn't. " No, Jav. I'm not." I smiled, our lips meeting again. One things for sure, I think I'm crushing on Javier.
  13. " Maddi.... I really, really like you, but if you don't feel the same, just tell me. We can go back to the way things were and I'll forget this ever happened." " I do like you. I like you a lot, Jav. I could even say I love you." I smiled softly, tracing a scar on his lower jawline as he blushed furiously. " I love you too, Mads." he sighed, giving me a small hug.
  14. *** A month later***It had been a month since the night he'd admitted liking me and I couldn't be happier. Javier is my loving boyfriend, and I'm his loving girlfriend. Take that people! As for Roger and Anthony, they were both super heartbroken when they saw me and Javier hand in hand. Although they were both beautiful men -- cuz let's be honest, they looked like Roman emperors -- they just weren't the men for me.
  15. " Maddi?" " Yes Jav?" I whispered nervously, my eyes locked on his. " I love you." he grinned. I thought for a second, my mind running wild before I smiled back. " I love you too."
  16. *** the end***

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