Which Sanders Side Are You?

Hey guys welcome to my first ever quiz I hope you guys like it! I made the at 3:00 am (help me plz) so yeah don't know what to put here so lalalalalala

I dont know what to put here so have a face :) :D XD ;) uuh yeah this has to be 150 characters long and I don't know what to puuut almost there nearly done okay that's enough

Created by: -Deciet (slimy boi)

  1. What do you do after a rough day
  2. ITS HALLOWEEN! What would your costume be
  3. Pick a colour
  4. Who do you ship more
  5. Does this question matter
  6. Pick an animal
  7. How would you describe yourself
  8. How would you react to a pun
  9. Tea or Coffee
  10. Did you like the quiz

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Quiz topic: Which Sanders Side am I?