Are you a true Harry Potter fan?

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Hey Guys hope you enjoy(ed) my quiz. Answer your best on what you know and yeah. Just have fun (or I hope you had fun) and sorry it was long. I'll make shorter ones.

Oh and also take my other quiz "which hogwarts house do you belong in?" Yeah ok anyway enjoy my quiz! Remember when you read Harry potter? Yeah well now you'll find out if you remember any of it. Love you bye!

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  1. Which one is spelled correctly?
  2. Which one is spelled correctly?
  3. Choose
  4. Which one is spelled correctly?
  5. Which IS a last name from the book?
  6. Who was actually after the sorcerer's stone?
  7. Who did Harry find in the Chamber of Secrets?
  8. Who was "after" Harry in the Prisoner of Askaban?
  9. Who sent Harry his firebolt?
  10. Who betrayed Harry's Parents?
  11. What was Sirius Black's animigus?
  12. Who killed Cedric Diggory?
  13. What happened in the department of mysteries?
  14. How did they get to the department of mysteries?
  15. Who killed Sirius black?
  16. Who was the half blood prince?
  17. When did Harry first kiss Ginny? (Book)
  18. What did Harry say to himself every time he thought about Ginny?
  19. Which Horcrux had a gemino and a fire spell on it?
  20. What was the last Horcrux?
  21. Who else had Lilly Potter's Patronus, a doe?
  22. Who didn't die during the war?
  23. Which was NOT the name of one of Harry and Ginny's children?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Harry Potter fan?