Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 13

STAY TUNED COMMENT! Sorry if these are short, but at least I made te next part so yah. Lol, tanks for the everlasting suppot guys and please comment so I can get more support to make part 14. Oh and 13 is an unlucky number people suppose.

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Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. "My dad wants to send me to college. At a military school, like him," Cameron mutters. "Really?" you ask. "Yeah I know. It sucks." You raise your eyebrow. "Then tell him so," you say. He smiles. "As if," he remarks sarcastically. Silence fills the air. "Do you here that?" you whisper. "What?" he asks. "Listen." He listened. A moment later, he confesses, "Anna, I don't hear anything." You blush. No on ever called you Anna before. It was secretly pleasing. "Exactly. You can't hear anything," you reply. "Hannah," he says. *Right. Hannah. Not Anna.* "I have a party at my house after my football game. You coming?" You froze. *Was it going to be a crazy blow out party?* Cameron saw your expression and said, "It'll be fun. My parents will be there." You agreed. "Oh and Hannah-" he began. Your phone interrupted him. "Sorry." you say, looking at your phone. It was your dad.//"Hello?" you say. "Hi hon. I got a call from the school. You got detention. What's up," he says. "Well, it's nothing-"// Cameron asks, "Who is it?"// "Sweetie? Who's that?" you dad questions. "Uh, just a friend. Cameron," you answer. "Oh? Your boyfrieeeend?" he teased. "Oh god no, dad. I got to go. Bye," you say, hanging up. That was embarrassing.// "Did you hear all that?" you say. "No," he says. "Sorta. Kinda. Maybe. Yes." You blush. "Well, I should go. Bye Anna," he says. You nod.
  2. The next morning was Friday. You woke up with the beeping alarm clock. "SHUT UP!" you scream, throwing a pillow at it. It knocked your clock off the nightstand. But it was still beeping. At least the pillow muffled parts of the sound. You groan and drag yourself out of bed. You ate breakfast quickly and go out to catch the bus that came at the tip of dawn. The moon was still in the sky. Then, the roaring yellow monster came again to swallow you up. Amber, the popular girl asked you to sit next to her. You agree reluctantly, and mouth to Kathy that you're sitting back there. She nods approvingly. As soon as you sit down, all Amber does is gossip. "So. I heard Cameron's into you." she says. "Don't be too sure about that. He's dating Sydney," you say, awkwardly. "Psh, Sydney is pretty. But I guess Cameron likes... your type," she replies, looking at you. "So I'm not pretty?" you ask. "Ok. Take out that hair band. Use this mascara. And. My bobby pin." she instructs. It seems like she has a whole cosmetic store in her purse. She pulls out a mirror. You see yourself. You shrug. "I could care less on how I look," you say. Amber snaps a picture of you. You try to wipe the mascara off, and pulled the bobby pin out. "What are you doing with my picture?" You ask. "Oh, I'm posting it on facebook. Oh and keep the bobby pin." she states, pointing at the clip. You toss it in a pocket of your bag.
  3. During lunch, you said to Kathy, "I'm going to Cameron's house after the football game tonight. You coming?" you ask. She gasps, "The first invite to a popular person's house! Eek! Hell yeah I'll be there!" You frown. "If it's RIGHT AFTER the football game, then we'll be there in halter tops and short skirts," you say, freaking out. Going to a wild party with not much clothing wasn't one of your intentions on the, 'Things to do before I'm 20' list. She shrugs, "How hard can it be?" At practice today, you changed into the outfit for cheering. You guys lined up and waited for Ms. Goodwell's orders. She taught you guys a simple cheer with a basic routine. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy. After demonstrating it a couple of times, you guys repeated. Gradually, you got the part down. It wasn't long before the football players came onto the field and the game begun. The crowd cheered supportingly everytime the home team scored. Cameron was quarterback. He caught you staring and missed the ball that was flying towards him. *Dope.* You guys were losing by six points. "It's alright! It's ok! 'Cuz we're gonna win this anyway!" you guys cheered. In the end, you guys won. By a point. But winning is winning is winning. The team tackled each other in joy and satisfaction. You smiled broadly at Kath. She gave you thumbs up. Sydney was on the cheer squad as well. She walked up to Cameron and gave him a kiss. "Congrats sugarboo," she coos. You roll your eyes. After she leaves, Cameron goes up to you. "So we going to my place?" he asks. "YEAH!" everyone screams in response. Except you. You shrug as if you didn't have a choice. When arriving there, everything was so cool. There was a DJ playing loud songs that would be heard a few blocks down. "Woah," Kathryn breathes. "Yep," you say, patting her back. "It's-It's HUGE."
  4. You hung out with Kathy the whole time. Cameron stopped by once. "Hey. I have to do the host thing. Later," he says. You nod and go and get a punch. Amber was there. "Hey Amber!" you say. "Hi Hannah." she answers. "You still after Cameron?" You blink. What a welcome THAT was. "Uh, don't you know that he's dating Sydney? As in 'taken'?" you say, thinking Amber was ridiculous. You walk away to Kathy, who was flirting with a guy. Instantly, you pull her away reminding her of Mark. "Oh yeah," she remembers. You sigh. Kathy was WAY harder to deal with then you ever thought. "Let's go upstairs. I heard it's more quiet there," you suggest. "Nah, you go ahead. I'm staying here." she says. You went up and hear Cameron talking to a man. Well, arguing, to be more precise. "I don't want to go!" he says. "It's a good military school!" the man exclaims. "I want to go to a sports college. Not some school about wars," Cameron pointed out. "I don't care, Cameron, you're going whether you like it or not-" "But dad! I HAVE A LIFE! Don't you CARE?…" Their voices trail off as you approach another room. You open it and see Sydney and Jake on a bed making out. Quickly, you close the door silently. *Oh. My. God.* You panicked. You turned around and was face to face with Cameron. "Hey, uh Cameron." you try to say casually. Almost TOO casual. "Oh hi Anna. Have been to the balcony? You can see the stars." he grabs your wrist and pulls you. It was magical. The sky was so pretty. "Woah," you gasp. "I know. I used to come here as a kid to see the stars. It kinda got my troubles away..." he said. A wind blew. You shivered. The cheerleading halter top exposed your whole stomach. It was pretty cold. "Here." Cameron says, giving you his jacket. "Thanks," you say. "So," you continued, "Where's your parents?" He points inside. "They're sleeping. Everyone is, except for the party downstairs." you snicker. He takes your hand and your body froze. *He's holding... my hand!!!!*
  5. Someone comes in noisily and he lets go. It was Amber. "Hey have you seen Sydney? Her car's blocking your neighbor and she ain't too happy," Amber tells you. You froze. What were you supposed to say? That you knew what she was doing the entire time? Lie and say you have no idea? "Uh, I think she's in that room," you admit nervously. Cameron opens the door and see what's going on. "Dude, get out!" he says to Jake. He runs out and Sydney goes up to Cameron. "Baby, it's not what-" she began. He just walked away from her. You run downstairs, trying to avoid drama. There, you see Kathy at the snack table. "Hey Han! Where were you? It's pouring out, but your dad's here. Hey, can I get a ride?" You tell her yes. After dropping her off, you went home and straight to bed.
  6. After the tiring night, you fell asleep easily. Everything was peaceful and relaxed. Until you had a dream of someone annoyingly tapping, and tapping, and tapping, and tapping... You wake up to a stir. It was a dream. It was still pouring out, only the rain got a little softer. But a 'doink' went on your window. You look down and see Cameron. You glance at the clock. 3:12. Why the heck was Cameron doing at your window on a raining night at midnight? You asked him just that. In response, he said, "I got locked out, long story, can I stay over?" You sigh. It was RAINING out, and well, you can't just say no. "Fine," you say, letting him in. You grab a towel and he dries up. For a split second you two were just staring at each other hopelessly. "Um, I'll sleep on the couch, you can take my bed." you tell him. He coughs. "Um, actually, I will," he interferes. "My dad will flip if he saw you," you convinced. "But he'll know something is wrong when he sees you there." he explains. "Then we will both sleep on my bed." you say. He hesitates. "I'll keep my hands to myself I swear!" you assure him. He snickers. "Like I'm worried."
  7. At one point of the night, you could feel Cameron behind you. He turned and his arm landed on you. You didn't squirm and drifted back to sleep. The next day, you awoke. Cameron was all ready to go. "Go back to sleep. It's still early," he whispers. "Where are you going?" you ask. "Home. Thanks for everything Hannah. Really," he says. He leaves and you fall back to sleep, wondering if all that realky had happened or if you were dreaming te whole time. Either way, you didn't really care. As long as everything's back to normal...

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