Reality Check:A Simple yet Complicated Love Story 3

ok sorry took a while, next one is coming, but might take a while cuz i have tests at school. thanks for the support, and to 54packers for inspiration. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing this (:

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  1. [** is you thinking, ~~ is your texts] After lunch, the rest of the day flew by fastly. It seemed like all of a sudden you were walking home, staring at Cameron's phone number. It was so difficult and strangely elaborate to you. Actually, his handwriting was neat and easy to read. But the thing is, should YOU be the one calling him? What would you say? At last, you decided to text him the plan. You sigh reluctantly and pull out your paint-splattered cell phone and text him, ~Hey, It's Hannah. Where r we gonna meet?~ You slide the keyboard and your phone vibrated instantaneously after your first text. ~Oh yeah, whatev meet me @ the tables at the mall, k~, it says. Your eyebrows shot up and slowly drooped as reading. You text back, ~Sure l8ter~. Of course that's what you texted. But what if you had said no? *Stop putting your mind into these kind of thoughts and only look to what is positive. Cameron...*
  2. You walk back home, and get ready. On your way back, the sunny, clear baby blue sky hung above your head. There was not a single cloud in sight, and if there was, it concealed itself. The serene setting was so calm, and put you in a happy mood. A vibration broke your pondering into the clouds. You pull you phone out, and Cameron texted, ~See ya there at 4:30~. You glance at your cell phone time. 3:57. You ran home and up the stairs to your bedroom. About 30 minutes. You dad is at work, and you were always alone. But you knew in your heart that your mom was watching over you and has your back. You open the closet door and behind it stood a mirror that was once your mom's. You have never really looked at it, but you did today. *Cameron better be careful at who he's calling ugly...* From thinking and thinking about how Cameron called you disgusting, you grew more infuriated. "I need a new outfit," you say to yourself. What you were wearing was your grandma's flower sweater and blue long sweat pants. *Ok Hannah, this is only going to be two hours. You could deal with different clothing...* You pull out a neon pink tank top and halfway above your knee jean shorts. Where did you get these? Well, your aunt that lives in anoter near by town owns the trendiest clothing store downtown. She gives you a lot of up-to-date clothing for Christmas, birthday, you name it. You pull the elastic rubber band out of your pulled up ponytail and brush your hair. Lastly, makeup. You shiver in the thought of the sound of it. After deciding if you were taking the risk, you pulled out a drawer of cosmetics. They were Kathryn's, but she likes keeping them at your house. You've seen her a billion of times putting on mascara and eyeliner. Pulling the cap off, you did what you see Kathryn do. At last, you stare at your reflection. Only this time, it wasn't staring back. The girl staring back was gorgeous and nothing you had imagined.
  3. You spray the "Violet & Lavender Flower" perfume given to you by Deanna on your birthday. You look one more time at yourself and pulled you jeans lower. No use. They were too short. You pulled it back up and looked at the clock. 4:19. Instead of your regular gym sneakers, you wore flats. After locking the front door, you ran downtown to where the Platinum Mall was. At the main entrance, you saw Cameron talking to a brunette and she was laughing hysterically to what he was saying, and he remained cool. You could tell that Cameron liked the attention, and you were envy. *Wait, Cameron's Cameron. Why would I care? Should I care?* You walk over to him and interup them. "So the project?" you say, ignoring the girl. She rolled her eyes and said, "So that's the ugly b-tch you were talking about? Poor you. What a cheater." She walked away. Cameron was confused and then said, "What?" The girl already left. He appeared to be thinking. So were you. You smiled in your head. *The brunette called me pretty, and thought I was dating Cameron!* Then you frowned. *Cameron called me an ugly b-tch behind my back?!* He turned to face you. At first, you thought you saw his eyes go round, but he stayed cool. But you asked, "You called me an ugly b-tch?" He said, "Yes so deal with it." You got mad. How could he possibly not adore you? You sit down at the table and pull him down next to you. Then, you pulled out the homework and it says, 'Types of Families.' You two do your own seprate sheet until the last question, number twenty-five. It said, "If you and your partner was to have a household, which would you perfer? Discuss it equally." Cameron looks up and so do you, at the exact same time. His eyes are so blue... It was fearless, staring into his eyes. After all, he was staring right back at your hazel eyes. "I say couple family because I'm not into kids." he answers. You point out, "Nuclear families are better, because the couple and kids have a good surrounding."
  4. "Couple." "Nuclear." "Couple." "Nuclear." "Couple." "Nuclear." That kind of went on for a while, until Cameron finally says, "Fine, nuclear. But only because your look has... improved from before." You smack him on the arm. "Oh shut your mouth." you say, hiding your satisfaction. He smacks you back. "Oh no you did NOT just smack a girl!" you say. He smiles and told you, "I can't be sure you're a girl." You smack him. Hard. "Ow, you hurt me!" he cries. You roll your eyes, because his arms are muscled, and he says, "Cooooome on. I saw that smile. I made you smile. Admit it, Hannah. Admit it." You laugh, a real genuine laugh, and look at the worksheet. Done and completed. "So we're done with the assignment." you say. "See you tomorrow?" Cameron then answers, "Alright, see ya." he takes his water bottle, throws it in the air, and then catches it. You take off, in your flats, running uncomfortably. Into your house and up the stairs you went. You smiled like crazy but did not know why. You hated Cameron and always will. But that didn't stop your smile.
  5. The next day during period four science, the most amazing thing in the world happened. John was absent. Well, not that. Sydney was not there, as well. She was finally not there since like, eighty years. You were screaming of joy inside your mind. "...So we all know the dynastic measures of..." Mr. Parsel explained, while rapidly writing down formula and methods on the board. Actually, no ome was paying attention. Texting, giggling, talking, -and even kissing- was going on from behind his back. You zoned back in. "So does everyone understand the concept of science?" he asks, turning around. Every stopped at what they were doing, looking innocent. Some guy crumpled a paper airplane that he was about to toss from behind his back. "Yes, Mr. Parsel," the class said in unison. He said, "Thank god, I thought you guys weren't listening! Silly me." He slapped his head and continued the lesson and more scribble scrabble on the white board.
  6. "Ok now," Mr. Parsel announces. Your head shot up. His boring lecture was almost over. Almost. "Get in your groups and do the experiment." You look across from you and see Cameron looking straight back. He pulls out the worksheet given by Mr. Parsel from the beginning of class. You fish out your binder and look for where you kept yours. He says, "Ok, what we do is pour half a cup of pure strain acetone into the bowl of water and food coloring-" You slam you paper onto your desk, relieved you finally found it. "GOT IT!" you say, happily. All of a sudden, the entire room looks your way and your face turns red. "Oops, haha." you whisper in a low tone. Then, they all went on on what they were doing before. Cameron smiles and pokes you teasingly, "Blabbermouth." You hid the laugh and said defensively, "I'm not the one who's self absorbed one day, and smart the next." He looks straight at you. "Thanks, I'm smart." After what seemed like forever, you guys finally finished the experiment without being yelled at(Cameron!) or without being in the center of attention(you, lol!). The bell rang abruptingly. The alien sound startled you. Geting your binder and papers you race to your locker.
  7. You slam your locker and turn around. As you walk to the health hall, you see Kathryn at her locker with Mark holding her books. She takes the last of her books. "Thanks Mark." she grunts, trying to stuff the over sized math book. Poor Kathy. She got the meanest math teacher. Luckily, you got the laid back one. You laugh and approach her. "Hey," you say. Mark answers, "Hi Hannah." You smile in return. Kathryn looks distracted. She pulls you away. Mark stood there, dumbfolded and left. She whispers, "Remember. Switch." You groan. That's all she ever talks about. "Well hello to you too. Fine." you retort. When the whole class went inside, you stood out there with Mrs. Lavinburg. You squeak, "Hi,um, Mrs. Lavinburg." She smiles and wave her hand at you. "Oh please, you can call me Debra." You lift one of your eyebrows up. "Really?" you ask. She answers, "Kidding kido. Don't call me that. I perfer "Deb" or "Debbie", but it's Mrs. Lavinburg for you. So what's up?" Mrs. Lavinburg was your favorite teacher. She was welcome to everyone. "Well I was wondering," you say. "That maybe I can switch partners?"
  8. She blinked in surprise. "Is Cameron really that bad?" You sigh. Mrs. Lavinburg seems really sincere and worried for you, and you feel like a mosquito being comforted by a human. "He's not bad-" you began. Then you thought of Kathryn and how she's always been there for you. *Kathryn really, really likes Cameron, dont be a selfish @ss.* You squeeze your eyes shut. On the other hand, you don't want to lie to the teacher, especially your favorite one. Besides, how would Cammeron react? *What would I lose? My best friend would love me. Just do it, Hannah.* "I don't want to work with him." you mumble. She raises her eyebrow, curiously. "Huh?" she says. You repeat, "I don't want to work with Cameron." She sighs, "We've been over this, Hannah." You sink lower. "But if that's how you feel, who do you want to switch with?" You smile in delight. "Kathryn." "Ok, I'll tell her and Jake." You guys walk in the room and Mrs. Lavinburg starts her lesson. Your stomach rumbles. No, not because of hunger. Lunch was next period, anyway. You did it, you made Kathryn happy. But half of you doesn't seem right. Shouldn't you be satisfied?
  9. After the lesson on Nicotine, she announces, "Partners meet again today, and the work from yesterday was satisfactory. Keep up the great work." She had already told Kathryn and the rest about the switch, and butterflies flew in your stomach.
  10. OK, SO DO YOU WANT TO SWITCH OR NOT? answer in comments, and please comment to let me know to continue. It takes a while to write, and I need to be motivated. PLEASE CLICK SUBMIT SO I KNOW PEOPLE TOOK MY SERIES. THAT'LL MAKE MY DAY.
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