School, Love, and Complication: Part 2

I love you people, who comment. It makes me happy that you guys are actually enjoying the story. I hope you guys comment on this quiz also. *Insert words here* is you (Sydney) thinking. Got it? [better say yes...]

Stay tuned, Comment and rate! I got one suggestion, and I am thankful. Have fun, and live your life and actually FEEL what Sydney feels. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy reading!

Created by: Rockstar123

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  1. [recap: you are working on a science project with your Ex-BFF, Alyssa, Kevin, and Matt.]
  2. Matt kind of tries to pull away from Alyssa's kiss. "Soooo, I guess we're all working in a group." you say, obviously trying to win the fight. "Fine." Alyssa agrees and pulls out her phone and starts to text. Kevin was about to say something but you muttered, "Save your breath." Matt says, "So what should we do?" You look at him. *Oh. he was talking to ME. Oops.* "I don't know, Kevin?" you say, hoping that the geek had an idea. "I'll do all the work. I can see that if I let you guys do the work, I'll end up getting a failing grade." he gestures at Alyssa, who has earphones on, while texting rapidly. Matt shrugs. You look down, thinking about Matt's loving eyes. Soooooo cute. Hazel. The bell rings and the day is over. FINALLY. "Here Matt." Alyssa says, handing over her bag and binders. Matt sighs and you walk out. You are walking home, but first you need to stop by your locker
  3. You make your way out the main doors and head back home. You glance at your watch. 3:03 pm. You walk slowly, enjoying the sunlight pouring over the green, elegant trees. Silent, except for the chirpy birds.... AND the footsteps coming behind you. It was Jake. You stopped walking. He froze. "Stalker." you say. "I was NOT! Just walking home." he says. You just moved here, but still went to the same high school, just from the other side of the town. "Actually, I'm kind of lost." you admit. He chuckles and asks you where you live. You tell him. "Oh, I live two streets away. I'll take you." he says. It was a pretty far walk. "So Sydney, tell me about yourself." Jake says. *He thinks he's all that. I don't get why guys like him are popular.* "I like chocolate ice cream. My favorite color is red. Favorite music is classic. My Favorite sport is Tennis." you say. "Me too, to all of your answers." Jake says flatly. "Oh really?" You say. "Well, for your information, my favorite ice cream is vanilla, favorite color is blue and favorite music pop. I STINK at tennis, and LOVE soccer. Nice to know that you are a big flirt AND liar." you smirk. Jake says, "Oh C'mon! face the fact that you secretly think I'm cute." He pouts and you push him. "I still can't believe a STALKER Is showing the way to my house." you told him.
  4. "Very funny." He says sarcasticly. The sun starts to hide behind the big, puffy gray storm clouds. A cool breezy wind blew your long hair and Jake was kind of staring. You ignore that and look up at the sky. It seems like it will pour. After 2 minutes, it started drizzling. "Um, Jake?" you say. "Yea?" he says. "Are we there yet? It's going to POUR. We have to get to a house. NOW." you say. By now, it was already raining hard. He says, "Should we take the way to your house, or to mine? Mine is closer." "Yours. I'm soaking wet!" you say. He leads you to his house, which seems like a mansion. You two head inside, and Jake tears off his T shirt and dries his hair. *He has rock hard abbs... :3 What am I doing? I will NOT fall for him. Education before love.*
  5. He goes upstairs to change and you take your cell phone out and call your mom. -on the phone- "Hello?" You hear. You respond, "Hey mom, It's raining so I'm at a friend's house." She says, "Ok hun, be back at 5:00, and if it's STILL raining, I'll pick you up." you tell her, "Thanks, love you." and you hang up. ~BACK TO STORY~ Jake comes down with a towel and hands it to you. "Here, now you can dry up." He says. "Thanks." you mumble. You dry yourself and you sit there on the couch across from him, both staring at each other awkwardly. To break the silence, you say,"Let's ask each other random things. I'll start." "Ok." he says agreeingly. You question, "What's your favorite sport?" He replies,"Football. How many past boyfriends did you have?" You answer, "4, what about you?" And he says,"Same. Do you believe in love at first sight?" You think about it and say unsuringly, " Hold that thought. I don't know. It depends, I guess. Ok, so who is your best friend?" He says to you, "Matt. You know him?" You almost collapsed there, for a moment. "Yeah. Why is he being bossed around by those stupid girls? Is he a player?" you ask.
  6. "He's a great friend, but unable to stand up for himself. But he once told me, that he follows their orders because he likes one if them. Fiona, I think. " he tells you. *Fiona? Oh, the girl with the read streak highlight! Should of known that MATT would never like me* "So is he in some kind of harlem or something?" you ask. Jake raises his eyebrow. "I don't know." Just then, he gets up from his side of the couch and sits next to you, facing the window. You rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes. You could smell him, what seemed like an ocean breeze detergent. You drift off to sleep. ~MOMENTS LATER~ You wake up from Jake's chest and look at your watch. 4:52. It was Mostly sunny out, so your mom expected you to be home on time. You gently tap Jake, and he bounces up."Can you take me home? Wait a minute, how'd you get up so fast? Were you even sleeping?" you exclaim. He replies, "No I didn't sleep. But all I did was watch you sleep, and I didn't do anything, I swear!" "Very funny. Now let's GO. You pull him up and you two walk outside.
  7. You two arrive, and you say, "Thanks Jake. See you in school." You start to walk away, but he pulls you so close that your noses were touching. "Bye Sydney." he whispers. He didn't kiss you. You go into your house and and lie on your bed smiling. =) ~THE NEXT DAY, AFTER SCHOOL~ Jake wasn't in school today, so you walked home alone.As you were about to open your front door, you hear a little girl say, "Hewwo!I'm 4 years old! Mommy says I'm a BIG girl now!" you turn and see your 4 year old neighbor, on her porch swing. You smile. "Hello. I'm Sydney, What's your name?" you say. "Cynthia, but mommy calls me Sinnie." she replies eagerly. "Come play with me!" Sinnie says. "Ok. I have to tel my mom first. See you later alligator!" you sing. "Ok! I'll wait for you to tell your mommy. I'm waiting! I'm waiting!!!" she calls after you. You chuckle, and head inside your house.
  8. "Hey mom, I'm going to play with our 4 year old neighbor ok?" you say. "Sure sweetheart, let me know if you need help for any reason." your mom says. "Kk." you say. You head back out, still hearing Sinnie calling that she's waiting. "I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm wai- Oh hewwo Shydney!" she says. "Hey girlie. What do you have there?" I say. Sinnie lifts up a doll and says, "Mommy bought me 2 BARBIE dolls! They are best friends." I nod and say, "Oh yeah? That's cool. I like how you dressed the two best friends up." But itwas true. One barbie had on a flowered shirt with gym shorts and two different types of shoes. The other had on a red dinner dress with purple sneakers. Very... unique ;) "Thank you, Shydney. I like your clothes too. " Sinnie says. I say to her, "If the barbie dolls are best friends, do you have a best friend?" She grins widely and says, "Yeah, Matt. He lives 5 houses down. He comes here and reads books to me! I wish that one day I could goto his house and read to him." she says. You wonder if its this Matt...? "How old is he?" you ask.
  9. "I don't know. I think 10." Sinnie says. You heart drops down a hole that doesn't have a bottom. Suddenly, her face brightens up. "Oh yeah, I mean tenth grade!" She says. You perk up and say, "Oh tell me about your best friend!"

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