a royal love story part 3

This is a love story about a princess(who is you) trying to find a husband out of 3 suitors that your father has chosen for you. In this one you made your last date.

Today you receive a letter from Sir Francis, get ready for a suprise date somewhere. And receive a poem from someone from your castle window.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. Eventhough you may not like Francis you decide to anyway because your father is watching. It's a nice slow song and the moment is very romantic. After you finished congratulating him on his success against Lord Robert; he hands you the most beautiful topaz necklace you have ever seen. It is clear from your expression that you like it, but how do you thank him?
  2. Once you thanked him however you wished, he takes the necklace and puts it around your neck and tells you how stunning you look. The song ends and Prince Edward takes you by the arm and leads you into the next dance. You tell him how fantastic he was in the joust and he shyly smiles. He asks you to go riding with him tomorrow-just you and him. Do you accept?
  3. You are about to say your answer, but then you remember how much you loved to ride.....before your horse died. "I will go riding with you but my horse died and i haven't found a replacement yet." Don't worry, i'll find you one." He winks at you and tells you to meet him the stables at 11am tomorrow. You walk away and go to see Lord Robert. You dance with him for a while then the party is over and you go to bed with happy dreams about who?
  4. You wake up early the next morning and dress in disguise again to go into the village. You miss Charlie too much! Once in town you make a b-line for the bakery. On your way there you accidently run into someone. Who do you hope it is?
  5. It's Charlie! You'd know those eyes anywhere; you quickly apologise and help him up. " Charlie! i'm soo sorry!" "Who are you?" " It's me, Princess_________!" He seems a bit taken back by your answer. What do you say next?
  6. You decide it's best for him to do or say something. He stutters a bit and fumbles about on the ground. He picks up a rose and gives it to you. You beam at him, the rose is lovely; but then the thought occurs that he could be a gold digger.....
  7. The thought quickly fades and you tell him to meet you at the tavern tomorrow night.He nods and you quickly run back to palace not wanting to miss your date with Prince Edward.
  8. You get dressed in your riding clothes and go to the stable to meet Prince Edward. This is your first date-are you excited?
  9. You hear horses and prepare yourself. Truth is your mothers favourite pastime was horse riding and since your mother died you never did ride again. Then your horse died and you were never able to get yourself together to get another one. You're nervous that you'll be quite bad since you haven't ridden in ages. You see Edward and you gasp as the most gorgeous white mare is trotting along side him with Edward's own horse. He sees your big smile and gives one back knowing he made the right choice. " So now we can go riding" he says with a cheeky grin. "Definately. oh! Shes lovely Edward!" "I knew you were gonna like her. So...what you going to call her?"
  10. Both of you get on your horses and ride away into the forest near the palace. Edward takes the lead and shows you to a place of your childhood that you had completely forgotten! Its a beautiful glistening lake set in a mountain range. As you get near the lake you see a picnic blanket and basket. You get off your horses and the Prince leads you to it . You sit down and enjoy a nice lunch with Edward and by the end of it you're feeding each other grapes. Before you get back on your horses Ed leans in for a kiss. What do you do?!
  11. He quickly stops himself and apologises. You can't help but feel a little embarrassed and sorry for him. You ride back together without saying a word. You get home and say goodbye to Edward before getting changed and going to dinner.

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