Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 1)

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So this is my first love story, or my first story so I hope you enjoy it. I know its kinda boring now because almost all beginnings of stories are. So this is the beginning part.

So this is my first love story, or my first story so I hope you enjoy it. I know its kinda boring now because almost all beginnings of stories are. So this is the beginning part. Hope you enjoy the story I wrote

Created by: CodySimpsonLuv

  1. "Are you ready to party!" your best friend Marie said to you. "What party?" you ask. "School, baby!" she said annoyingly. "Oh, that party" you said sarcastically. "Oh come on, the first day at a new school is always a party" That was apparently true to her. You were starting 7th grade at a new school. In elementary school you went to an all girl school which sucked. "Also, we might meet cute boys!" Marie said. "Oh thats the best part" you said. "______" Marie said "Yeah, Marie" you reply "I really don't care what my guy looks like but he has to like bacon, has to" "Wow" you say. "Okay if we are done talking I want to go to school now" you said. You lived half a mile from the school, which was Hermosa Junior High. When you and Marie were passing by That Coffee Place (that is what its really called) and some girls were buying some coffee and laughing about a demon that was watching them. Marie gave me a weird look and said "Do you think those weirdos go to the same school we do" "I hope not" you said with a smirk. After you passes That Coffee Shop you can see that school in the distance. "Hey, Marie" you say "What?" she replies "Do we have to go to the office to get out schedules first" then she pulls out this paper and takes a minute to read it "Umm, yeah" she says "Ugh just what we need people staring at us" you say. "Well, maybe we will make friends" Marie says trying to stay positive. Then as you walk across the parking lot you almost get hit with footballs and barely missing getting tackled. Then you get into the office. Marie explains to them what we need. Then the office person gives you and Marie schedules then right as that happened the bell for 1st period rang.
  2. When the bell rang chaos was everywhere. "Who is our first period teacher" I ask Marie. "Umm Mrs. Shriver for umm Science" Marie said. Then you started walking there running into a lot of people. When you did get there Mrs. Shriver separated you and Marie into different parts of the classroom. She put Marie next to some gray haired girl and you next to a blonde boy. His hair was a dirty blonde he had light sky blue eyes. Also, some very light freckles that you can barely see on his nose and cheeks. He was wearing gray skinny jeans and a jacket that said "Skate Don't Hate."
  3. When Mrs. Shriver finished her lecture about clouds she gave everybody a worksheet and told you to work with the person sitting next to you. Then the blonde boy says "Hey, I'm Adam and you are?" "_______, nice to meet you" you reply. "Did you go to this school last year" Adam asks you "Umm no I went to an all girl school last year in Wisconsin" you replied "Oh, all girl school, huh?" "Uh, yeah" you said trying to focus on work. "So do you know anybody here?" Adam asks you. "Yeah Marie she's sitting with that gray haired girl back there" you say pointing to Marie. "Oh the devil" Adam says "What?" you say "Oh sorry, thats the devil Lexi she's so mean once in 5th grade she tried breaking my toe with her high heels" he says. Then you start to laugh. "Hey, its not funny" Adam says. "Sure" you say. Then the bell for 2nd period rings "See you later" Adam says. "Yeah see you later" you reply.
  4. After 1st period, 2nd period kinda just flied by because all the teacher did was lecture about how over exaggerated Valentines Day was. Then after that you had Lunch. When you got into the cafeteria you see Marie already standing in line to get food. You decide to walk towards her. Then when you were halfway there Adam walks by and says "You want to eat with me and my friends" "Sure, why not" you reply. Then you get your lunch with Adam. When you sit with him at his table you notice that they are the popular people. Then a black haired kid with glasses whispers in Adam's ear then Adam whispers back and it continues like that and its like they don't even notice your there. You sigh.
  5. After a while you decide to walk away and talk to Marie. She was sitting next to a guy and the devil Lexi. Then Marie started talking to you "Hey, _______ this is Drake" then Drake said "Hey ______" Drake had dirty blonde hair like Adam's bright green eyes like green apples. He was really tall and had light skin but not pale just really light. "So" Drake said "How long have you known Marie" then Marie gave him a smile. "For about umm 3 years I believe." then Marie motioned you towards her and then whispers into your ear "I'm dating Drake, shhh don't tell anybody" but you can't believe what she said "WHAT!!!!!" you yell so loud everybody is staring at you. Then you get to embarrassed and just decide to sit back down. You ignored her and Drake for a while. Just then a small guy walked up to you "Hey, are you the one that just yelled" he asked "Yeah, did you come here to laugh at me some more" you say. "No, I thought it was mean to laugh so I came her to comfort you during your time of sorrow and embarrassment" he says sounding pretty confident and strong "Umm thanks I really appreciate it" you say. After a minute of an awkward silence the boy finally says something "By the way I'm Kevin and your _______ right?" "Uh yeah that's me nice to meet you Kevin"
  6. Kevin had light brown hair that is a haircut that most boys have these days. Dark brown eyes that made him seem so mysterious. He was kinda short though but eventually he would grow right? His skin was a light color. "Well want to go outside if your done eating" Kevin says. Then you glance at Drake and Marie talking about something. "Sure, I'd love to" When you walk outside for time outside to run around. When you get outside people are playing football or any sport. Some are walking in a giant group. But the most weird part is your playing in a cement parking lot. "Its not the best place for recess but its okay" Kevin says. "Umm I can see that" you say barely dodging a football dude trying to make a touchdown. "Come with me" Kevin says grabbing your wrist. "Where are we going" you ask Kevin. "Just to the end of the parking lot so you won't get tackled by them" he says. "Oh wouldn't want that to happen"
  7. When you get to the end of the parking lot Kevin lets go of your wrist and says "So, met anybody that you have made friends with yet" "Not many just you and Adam" you say looking for Adam. "Adam?" Kevin says "Yeah, Adam, you know him?" you say "Yeah kinda" he says "So you know him?" you say finally seeing Adam playing football. "Yeah" he says weirdly. Just then a football comes your way and hit Kevin in the head. Then he falls over and he cuts his arm on the cement and blood starts oozing out of his cut. Then luckily a teacher comes and helps him to the nurses office. Wow you think to yourself. "Sorry about that" some guy says "Oh its ok" then you look at him and see the same boy that was whispering in Adam's ear earlier.
  8. You look at him strangely and he says "What, do I have something on my face?" the guy says while rubbing his face with the sleeve of his jacket. "No, its nothing" you say back to him. The guy had black hair sorta like Chris Brown. Glasses but not like nerdy ones or Harry Potter ones they were cooler than that. He had tan skin and about average height. "Oh, whatever I'm Dante. Adam told me you were ______" The guy says. "Nice to meet you Dante and Adam was right I am _____" you say to him with a smile. "Yeah Adam can't stop talking about you. When he found out you left out table at lunch it was when you yelled" Dante said. "Oh you heard that?" you say "Yeah I think everybody did" Dante says. "Well that makes me well known then" you say. "Well I've got to go Adam might get jealous if I'm talking to you this long. See ya later" Dante says "Later" you say.
  9. After Dante left he continued playing his football game with Adam. Then Adam started talking to him and then it turned into a fight. After that it turned into an even worse fight. Then when a teacher came to stop it Adam hit the teacher and the teacher fell to the ground. After the teacher fell Dante's glasses broke because of Adam hitting him in the face. A crowd grew around them and people started chanting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!" then the school's SRO (school resource officer) came out and got between them yelling. Then another officer came and grabbed Adam handcuffing him while the first officer handcuffed Dante. Then they SRO's took them inside the building and the bell for 4th period rang moments after.
  10. When you got inside people were giving you dirty looks and whispering "I heard it was because of her" and "I think she told Dante to start a fight because she was talking to him" and a bunch of crap like that. Then there friend who was playing football with them came to you and said "They like you" "Who?" you say "Adam and Dante" he said. Then you heard a guy from behind you say Nathan why are talking to her. He ignored the guy. "Adam got mad at Dante for talking to you after Kevin got hit with the football and so Dante said he was just talking to you then Adam got mad and hit Dante so that's how the fight started" Nathan explained. "Wow" you say. "You didn't hear it from me and I told you nothing" Nathan says while walking away.
  11. Okay so thats the end of the first part of this love story I hope you enjoyed it so who do you like?

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