Too Young For Love, Yeah Right (part 9)

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Well to me this is the saddest part of the series so far. For some of you its probably the happiest part of the story. Well some of you got your wish and it will start in the next part.

The saddest part of the series for me is starting next. Adam and Dante fans will be filled with joy. See I told you I would fix the problem. Now why are you reading this, READ THE STORY!

Created by: Nialler34

  1. "Lets go people!" you heard you gym teachers yell which meant that you had to go back to the locker rooms. "So you understand things better now?" Dante asked you. "Yeah, thanks for telling me" you said then you gave him a hug. Then you changed into your regular clothes and headed to 5th period. 5th period was incredibly boring so it seemed like forever but then it was 6th period time. Then while about halfway there to 6th period Adam jumps out from behind you. "Boo!" he yelled. You jumped but you didn't scream. "Did I scare you?" he asked. "A little" you replied. "Oh, I'll try harder next time to scare you better" Adam said. "Oh, by the way what are you doing out here" you asked. "I'm ditching, stupid math test, and I was wondering if you wanted to come" Adam asked sounding a lot like Nathan the first time you ditched. "No thanks" you said but you started walking. He stopped you. "I bet if I was Nathan you would do it" Adam said. You gave him a glare. "Please" he said. "Sure, where we goin" you asked. "Nathan's" he said walking towards the fence. "Wait how are we going to get in his house" you said starting to follow him. Just then Adam pulled out a key from his pocket "Nathan isn't good at keeping track of stuff" he said stuffing it back in his pocket. "Oh, I'll remember that" you said climbing onto the fence. "Just don't tell him I have a key, he has billions of them he won't notice" Adam said jumping onto the other side of the fence. Then you jumped to. "Ok" you said.
  2. "Sooooooo" Adam said. "Sooooooo what?" you added on to that. "Watcha want to talk about?" he asked. "I don't know, what do you want to tal-" he cut you off "Why did you say yes to Nathan?" he said really fast. "Umm what?" you said. "Nothing, Dante is really mad you said yes" he said. "Really?" you asked. "Yeah he got really pissed when he found out, but he doesn't want to tell you" Adam said. "I never thought of that" you said. "Yeah you practically ruined your friendship with him, he is just nice to you because he kinda likes you" Adam said acting cool with his hands in his pocket. "Now I feel bad" you said. "Well I'm not trying to make you feel bad I'm just telling you that because......" he was going to say something but didn't finish. "Because, what" you asked. "Umm I like you too and Nathan is like my best friend and its kinda awkward" Adam said shyly and very slowly. "Adam I didn't know you felt that way" you said very sadly. By then you had reached Nathan's house. Somebody was there who wasn't supposed to be there. "Who is that?" you asked. "I don't know nobody is supposed to be here" Adam said. "Wait, you don't know about his grandfather yet" Adam said again referring to the story Dante told you. "I do know" you said. "I thought he didn't tell you yet" he said. "Somebody else told me" you said. "Sshhh somebodies coming out" Adam said covering your mouth but you moved his hand. "That isn't Nathan's grandfather" Adam whispered. "Then who is it?"you whispered back. "I don't know" Adam replied. You two were crouching behind a bush in Nathan's front yard. Then somebody really little came out. "Kevin" you said loudly and stood up.
  3. ***NATHAN'S P.O.V*** When I had gotten into 6th period something was wrong. ______ is always there before I am. I thought maybe she was late for a specific reason. Then the late bell rang I knew something was wrong. I pulled out my phone and texted Adam, no response. Then I tried texting Dante to see if Adam was in class with him. So I texted ^Is Adam in class with u right now^ it took him awhile to reply. ^No, why?^ he replied. ^______ isn't in my class right now^ again it took him a long time to reply. ^Strange but I G2G the teach is watching me^ he replied. We were supposed to be working on a Chinese Empire Project but I wasn't and besides out teacher wasn't even in the room. I decided to text ______ ^Where r u?^ I asked. No response. Things were suspicious if Adam wasn't in class and ______ wasn't either, that means. They are ditching together. If only dramatic music was playing. Does that mean they like each other. Is _____ cheating on me. I was stressing out, why would they ditch together?
  4. ***YOUR P.O.V*** What was Kevin doing? You thought to yourself. "Kevin, what are you doing?" Guys were surrounding you from every angle waiting for you to move. "What does it look like?" he asked. "I don't know thats what I'm asking you?" you said. "Well if you don't know I guess I won't explain it to you" Kevin said. "You've seen too much" Kevin said then the guys who were surrounding you came closer to you and Adam. They grabbed your wrist. "Don't touch her" Adam said. "Oh what are you gonna do" one of the guys said. Then kicked him in his ankle. He let go of your wrist. Then a different guy ran to his aide. Then Adam punched him in the face. The guy fell to the ground. Then after more and more came Adam beat the crap out of them. They soon were all on the ground in pain. "Lets go" Adam said grabbing your wrist. Then you two started running in the direction of the school.
  5. "What, how, how did you do that?" you asked him while running. "Never mess with a black belt in karate" he said. "But you didn't beat Nathan up like that when you kissed me" you said. "Well Nathan's different and plus I deserved to get beat up" he said. "Oh" you said. "Just keep running" then pretty soon you reached the school. Adam got hit in the face once and his face had blood on it but not to major. Then you heard the bell for 7th ring. "Wow that was only an hour" you said. "Yeah c'mon we should tell the office" then you turned to the class Nathan was in. He was walking out. You waved to him with the hand that Adam wasn't holding while running. He just gave you a look like What the f---. Then you two reached the office. The principal was there "What happened to you two" he asked. If you told him the truth that you two were ditching you could get in trouble but you needed to tell the truth. Adam did the talking "I'm going to tell you the the truth as long as we don't get in trouble" Adam said. The principal gave him a weird look but he said "Agreed as long as it is reasonable" the principal said. "Well we ditched and then we were planning to go to our friends house, but when we got there a bunch of guys who didn't live there were there. Then she noticed Kevin, he use to go to school here, and then he noticed us then Kevin told us we had seen to much. Then the guys who were with Kevin tried taking us away. Excuse my language but I used my bad a** karate on them and then we ran here." Adam said.
  6. The principal probably didn't believe us but Adam was after all bleeding from the fight so of course he kinda did have to believe us. The late had rang half way through Adam's story. "I believe you two, you aren't in any trouble but give us the address and we will tell the authorities to go there" the principal said. We gave him Nathan's address. "We will handle it from here you two go to your classes." he said. Adam was about to go when you grabbed his wrist meaning stop. "Can we have a note or something saying we aren't in trouble?" you asked. "No stay here for another minute then I'll write it" he said. But after a minute long call the principal had said "You two are heros after you had left two police had seen you running this way, then they saw the criminals at Nathan's house and took them into custody, it turns out 2 of of the guys that were men who escaped prison last week. You two are heros" he said. Then you and Adam hugged each other out of joy. "So what you are saying is I beat up two criminals that were in prison" Adam said excitingly. "Yes, Adam you did" then he got really excited. We have to tell the school about this. Then he got on the intercom and announced "Attention students you have two students here who are heros, _______ _______ (your name) and Adam Todd thank you" then he stopped. "Tomorrow the police will be here to interview you two, now I will write that note .
  7. As we were told he wrote us a note. We had the same 7th hour class. Weirdly enough Dante and Nathan had that class too. When we were outside the door Adam said "Wow we are heros apparently" he said. "Yeah I still can't believe you did that" you said. "Well karate is pretty awesome" he said. "No, not that, you did that just to save me" you said. "Yeah well I am pretty awesome" he said. You kissed him the cheek and hugged him "Thank you" you said. He blushed a little bit "No problem" he said. Then you two walked into the classroom with all eyes staring at you. Your teacher Mrs. Kane looked at you and started clapping. "I read the e-mail" she said. She probably didn't tell the class because everybody else still had confused looks on there faces. You probably looked weird too Adam had blood all over his face, and you probably had dust all over your outfit. "Do you want to tell what happened to the class?" she asked. You looked at Adam and gave him a look, he nodded his head. Dante and Nathan were probably like what the hell just happened with out best friends. Adam told the story because you were in shock of what happened. He didn't say whose house it was because that would get Nathan worried. Then the bell for the end of school rang.
  8. Then Nathan and Dante walked up to you and Adam. Nathan hugged you. Adam mouthed are you gonna do it. You nodded your head sadly. Then when Nathan and you finished hugging Nathan walked up to Adam and did that guy hug where it starts off as handshake then turns into a one second hug. Then Dante and you hugged. "So where did you guys go?" Nathan asked while you were all walking outside the classroom door. "Your place" Adam said. "My place?" Nathan said confused. "Umm yeah" You said. "How were you planning to get in?" he asked. Then Adam pulled the key out of his pocket and handed it to him. "Well me and Dante gotta go" Adam said shoving Dante out of the room. "What, no we don't" Dante said. Then Adam gave him a weird look which must have been the signal or something. "Oh yeah that thing" he said. "Yeah lets go" then they left you and Nathan alone.
  9. "Hi" you said "What was that about?" Nathan asked. "Well hello to you to" you said. "Sorry, I just want to know why they left suddenly" Nathan said apologizing. "This is hard to say" you said. "Oh no, I think I know what this is" he said. "I'm sorry Nathan it would be better if we were just friends" you said almost starting to cry. "No, why what did Adam say to you?" Nathan said with frustration. "Nothing, its just I think it would be better if we were just friends" you said. "I understand, you like Adam better don't you?" Nathan said with anger. "No, I swear its not that, I really do like you, but we should just be friends for now" you said almost crying. "No, no it is Adam" he said angrily. "Nathan its not!" you yelled. "Sure, just stay away from me" he said then he walked away from you. "Nathan........" you said. He ignored you. You ran up to him. "I said stay away from me!" he yelled. "No, why are you being such a jerk?" you asked. "Stay away!" then he pushed you and you fell down. He walked off. You got back up and left.
  10. (I would never end there I would probably kill you so I'm going to write a little bit more) You walked home crying. When you got home your parents looked happy. "We heard about you----" they stopped when they saw you crying. "Oh honey whats wrong?" your mother asked you. "Nothing!" you yelled. Then you stormed into your room and slammed the door. You were filled with anger and sadness. You phone rang you looked to see who was calling, Nathan. You ignored it never wanting to talk to him again. You weren't going to school tomorrow you were going to be "sick" for a while.
  11. ***NATHAN'S P.O.V*** When she told me she just wanted to be friends my heart exploded. I thought it could be because of Adam. She denied it a lot I told her to stay away from me out of anger. Then she ran up to me again, I pushed her down and walked away. I left her there staring at me, like I was a monster. I went back to see if she was there out of guilt, she had left already. I walked home feeling scared because of what happened earlier today. Nothing out of place, good I locked all of the doors and shut all the windows. I felt horrible for what I did to ______ I needed to apologize. I tried calling her, no answer. I understood why she didn't want to answer, she hated me.
  12. Who do you like!?

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