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Part 5 will be up soon. And thanks everyone for commenting and all those good suggestions and such. So yeah that is about it........ Happy quizzing !!

Part 5 will be up soon. And thanks everyone for commenting and all those good suggestions and such. So yeah that is about it........ Happy quizzing !! DO SOMETHING!

Created by: Kooliekid

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  1. "DRAKE!" You yell. "Aren't you going to hang out with Logan?" Drake puts his knife into a drawer and lays on the bed. You grab some paper towels and wrap his arm with it. "Why did you cut yourself?" you question taping the paper towel together. "Because I can't have you." Drake said sadly. "What do you mean you can't have me?" You ask more confused than ever. "________, I love you very much. But I know you are dating Logan." Drake says and pulls out a guitar. "I am not dating Logan." You said. Drake immediately perked up. "You aren't? For real?" Drake says. "Yes. For real." You replied. "You know I was gonna sing a song for you but.. I thought that you might laugh." Drake looks down. "Go ahead." You said.
  2. Drake smiles and starts strumming the beginning of the song Adored by Miranda Cosgrove. (I love Miranda Cosgrove and that song) "I'm willing to try this But maybe you're not Maybe we'll like it Lets give it a shot And let's throw ourselves in And get soaking wet Don't just slip our toes in Not yet Don't tell me that you're kind of into me 'cause i just wanna be, wanna be, wanna be, Adored! I need to feel it to know that you mean it From the bottom of you're soul Let me know i'm adored! It's not enough for you simply to say it Instead of telling me words let me know That you're positively mine and I am positively yours for sure From the bottom of you're heart let me know I'm Adored" Drake finished strumming and singing. "That was beautiful!" You said. "I love you." Drake says and leans in and kisses you.
  3. You walk out of Drake's room so you can shower and change. What do you choose to wear?
  4. You walk into the living room to learn more about the guys and their powers. "Hey guys. Can I learn more?" You asked. Logan snapped off the TV. "Oh sure." Logan says. You took a seat between Drake and Logan. "I already know about Logan's powers. What's yours Derek?" You asked. "Well.. My powers are mind reading invisibility and levitating." Derek said. Before you could answer you found yourself floating in the air. 'Awesome! you thought. 'Don't freak out' Derek said in your head. You were falling but invisible Derek caught you. Derek became visible and set you down. "Cool!" You look at Drake and he smiles. "My powers are super strength, mind reading, and super speed." Drake replied. "So we are all mind readers?" you asked. "Pretty much." Logan said. "You forgot someone." Ryan said. You blush and said: "Of course. What are your powers?" "I can read minds, teleport, and super strength." "Great" you said. "It's time for dinner!" Derek says and gets up to the kitchen. Derek cooks your favorite.
  5. You guys ate the delicious meal. (not Bran Flakes) "I didn't know you were so good at cooking." You say. "Well if that could be a power, cooking would be mine." Derek responds. "I tried cooking once." Ryan said. "Well what happened?" You ask slightly annoyed. "He almost set the house on fire!" Drake said. "Well what were you trying to cook?" You ask. "Rice. I was trying to boil rice." Ryan replied slightly blushing. "Can I see you after dinner?" Ryan asked. "Sure..." You trail thinking of what Ryan might do to you.
  6. So after dinner you and Ryan go outside so he could talk with you. "What do you want, Ryan?" You ask. "You." Ryan replied. "Excuse me?" You asked. "I still love you." Ryan replies. "Well what about Stephanie?" You asked. "I broke up with her. She may be pretty but no kind of beauty could match how wonderful you are." Ryan said. You smiled. "I think we should just be friends,Ryan" You replied. "Ok... But I will still and always love you." Ryan kissed your lips and walked with his hands stuffed into his pockets.
  7. Let's say you picked number two. You walked into Logan's room and saw Stephanie making out with Logan. Stephanie broke away to smirk at you. Stephanie was part of all this shenanigans? You decided to go home to explain to your mom what is happening when you ran into Luke. "Hello my sweet. You are coming with me." After Luke said that you blacked out.
  8. Who do you love?
  9. So the DO SOMETHING came from this one time when I was in school and we had a sub teacher and this kid was being "disruptive" and the teacher was all like: "you need to stop doing that... just DO SOMETHING!! and I thought it was kinda catchy so yea....
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