Loved or Hated (part 17)

Ok, so basically, summing it up, you were taken by "the group". You learn you are a Terranormal. You learn you are on the Hit List. Derek turns out to be evil. You kill him. You and everyone else grieve. The guys, except james, lose their memories. tyler regains his memory. a group of 5 girls break down the front door. there is a crash at the back door. so long story short, that's what has happened since the beginning. oh, and you have telekinesis and can read minds.

I would really appreciate it if people were COMMENTING more often. LoL well, I'm trying to have you guys, the people taking my quizzes, actually having a part in what's going to be in the next part. So if you have an idea, just tell me in the comments. :) and i am still SO VERY SORRY FOR NOT HAVING THIS OUT FAST ENOUGH! ):

Created by: xXlovehateXx
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  1. Your head whips around as you look straight at the back door. In the doorway, there is a girl standing. Her purple eyes hold your gaze. As opposed to the other girls (the ones at the front door) she is wearing a quite colorful ensemble. This girl's shirt was bright green and said "Bring It On!", while her shorts were purple, the same shade as her eyes, and she had on white stiletto heels. You instantly recognize her. "Tiffany!" you shout with glee. Tiffany has been your best friend since pre-k. There is no way in the world you would have guessed she was a Terranormal!
  2. "Tiffanyyyyy" you squeal, forgetting about the people at the front door. You run to her and you both jump up and down and scream. "Wait a sec," she says and directs your attention back to the front. "Oh right" you say as the wide grin on your face turns into a scowl. Turning to Tyler, you whisper "So...who are they?" Tyler's face is pale white with horror.
  3. Tyler's head slowly turns to you and says "The one in the front that you deemed the "leader" is McKenzi. To her left is Kara, behind Kara is Natalie. To the right of Mckenzi is Anna, and behind Anna is Eden." You nod slowly, letting the information sink in. Tiffany starts talking "They are the Elite. The most important of the Terranormals. Everything they do is vital to our survival and secrecy." You look back at them and make sure not to look Kara in the eyes. She is in fact the one that made you weak in the knees. You are also worrying about Eden. You could have sworn her tiger earrings were moving.
  4. "McKenzi actually is the leader of the entire Terranormal community. If you aren't on her good side, you can consider yourself dead. Literally. And the others behind her are like her cabinet, she consults them for every decision she makes. No one really knows what powers that they have because the only time they use their powers are when they are about to eliminate." You start to hyperventilate and say somewhat calmly, yet in a harsh whisper "Well, can someone explain to me what they are doing HERE?!"
  5. "That's why I'm here!" Tiffany exclaims. "I was sent, don't ask by who cause I can't tell you, to see whether they really were coming here. And also why they are here. It is on very rare occasions that the Elite go anywhere unless they are eliminating. Why they are here, I don't know. Are they going to kill us? I don't know. All I do know is that they're here and there's not much we can do about it. OH! and there is no way we are gonna run. I DO NOT let people run away from battles...or whatever this is."
  6. As you look back at them, you notice that they are all just standing there, waiting for you and the others to stop chatting. Anna is sketching in the sketchbook she's holding. Eden is playing with her earrings, Kara has her arms folded and is tapping her foot very impatiently. Natalie is typing away on her BlackBerry, and McKenzi is filing her nails with a glass nail filer. You take a deep breath and walk towards them. In sync, their heads snap up and they immediately stop what they're doing. Before you even get the chance to say anything, McKenzi snaps and says "Silence! I don't know you and I don't know what you can do, so get outta my way" and quite rudely pushes past you. She struts up to James and says "Hi hon, look I know you are busy and all, but me and the girls really need to stay here for a while. There's been a terrible accident at HQ."
  7. A worried look passes over James' face. "What in the world happened at HQ?" McKenzi looks at James with a shocked expression on her face. "How can you NOT know what happened back at HQ? Whatever. Anyway, we were taken over. I have no idea how it happened. We're like practically all powerful, ya know! Well anyways so these people walked in and they started attacking. It had to be the most powerful attack force I have ever seen. And I've seen a lot of attack forces. How they got past security, well I'm still wondering about that. All I know is that they had to have had an inside source if they were to get past security and when I get my hands on the little cockroach that ratted us out, I'm gonna do bad things to them."
  8. I'm so sorry, but I have writers block!
  9. and, I'll be without computer access for about 10 days. so so sorry!
  10. well, that's it for part 17. still very sorry for the shortness and extreme lateness!

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