High School Love Story Part 1

My first series yayayay! You are mainly with Nathan so yeah. I just hope you like him, lol. Rachel is your best friend in the series. Um..I have nothing else to type.

I hope you enjoy this series! I worked hard on the first part (this part) so yeah. Please comment if you want a part 2, or if you want a new series!!!

Created by: IceBabe

  1. Alright, This is going to be my first series!
  2. *RING RING* You wake up and groan. You hate mondays. "Evelyn, Wake up!! We're going to be late for school!!" Said your best friend Rachel. "Coming" You get up and chnage into...
  3. *fast forward* You hate how everyone stares at you while you walk to your class with Rachel. You tell Rachel about that. "Evie, They only stare at you because they ADORE you!" Said Rachel. " Yea but, They don't have to stare" You say quietly. You suddenly notice Nathan (your crush) making out with Destiny(your worst enemy). You run towards homeroom while Rachel tries to catch up.
  4. When you get to homeroom, You realize that Nathan was right behind you. You sit down and watch as Nathan sits next to you, Leaving Destiny shocked. *fast forward to end of class* Destiny walks up to Nathan and slaps him. You giggle slightly. She stares at you and slaps you twice. "Hey" Said Nathan. "WHAT" Destiny says like an angry buffoon. "I think we should break up" He says that to Destiny and winks at you.
  5. Destiny storms away and flirts with Luke, who walks away unintrested. "Destiny looks like a mess" You giggle and tell Nathan. "Yes she does. Im glad I broke up with her"
  6. When you and Nathan walk out hand in hand, Luke looks at you sadly. He looks at you as you walk away with Nathan. "Come to the dance with me?" Nathan ask you. "Sure" You reply. Suddenly Destiny come out of no where and kicks you in the stomach. You black out and the last thing you see is Nathan looking down at you.
  7. When you wake up, You see Rachel and Nathan looking at you. (your parents aren't here because they died and you live with Rachel). You get up quickly and and look at them. "W-W-What happened?" You ask, shaking. "Destiny kicked you in the stomach so hard that you got knocked out" Replied Nathan. Rachel just shrugged because she didn't see what happened.
  8. *Later* "Hey Evelyn!" Rachel calls out. "yea?" You answer. "you're invited to my party!" She says as she hands you a invitation. Sweet! You think. *FAST FORWARD AT THE PARTY LATER* You groan as you realize everyone here is drunk except you and Nathan. You sneak out through the front door. Some random guy from the party (still drunk) must have escaped though, And he managed to pull off all your clothes. Great, You think. Now you're naked. In the rain. Suddenly Nathan pulls up in his car. He rolls down his window and says "Come inside the car Evelyn" You quickly get in the backseat and try to cover yourself. "Sorry Evelyn, I don't have any girl clothes is here" He says quietly. He pulls up to his house. You both get out silently and he wraps his arms around you protectively. You bot walk quickly into the house. When you get in the door, Nathan's mother says: "Oh dear! Let me go get you some clothes" When she gets you some clothes, You're wearing...:
  9. Now it's around 9:00. Nathan's mom puts out a sleeping bag next to Nathan's bed for you. You get in the sleeping bag. "Good night Evelyn" Says Nathan as he kisses you on the cheek. "Night" You say as you fall asleep. *FAST FORWARD TO MORNING* You wake up in Nathan's bed with him for some reason. He's wide awake and he says " Just in time. I hope we're not late". You guys are officially boyfriend/girlfriend. You guys go to school in his car. When you walk into homeroom, Holding hands, Destiny gets up and smacks you. "DESTINY!" The teacher yells. "DETENTION." "B-B-But it wasn't my fault!" She stammers. "NO BUTS DETENTION AFTER SCHOOL" The teacher yells fiercely. She turns to you. "Are you okay Evelyn?" She ask. "yea, I guess.." You reply before falling into Nathan's arms and blacking out. (she slapped you that hard)
  10. *fast forward to night* This time, After you changed, You got into bed with Nathan. You guys just cuddle and then you fall asleep. You dreamed of... CLIFFHANGER! I know, not a very good cliffhanger but whatev. LOL.

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