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  • A bow and arrow? I love it :) Wait, so Christopher really is Christopher? Gah :S I'm still confused because you, Dannica, are a master of plot twists and turns, so excuse me if I'm a skeptic still XD Oh I can feel the climax edging up... I'm excited to see what will happen, but I'm dreading it too because that's just closer to the end of this series :/ The Faerie ball sounds like it'll be awesome, we better make it in time!

    Sadie's my favorite because, for some reason, she reminds me of a character in a book I've read, "The Dragon of Never-Was", which is a sequel to the book "Hatching Magic" but that's all extraneous information and I'm rambling, so I'll stop :P

    *crosses fingers that I'm still first comment*

  • I loved it! Especially the last scene. It added some more climax to the story. I'm still confused about Christopher and I loved the bow and arrow idea. I love archery myself and I love getting to imagine all the feats and fells I can get that I can't in real life. I can't really choose between the three. They all have such interesting story lines. Can't wait for the next part and as always, I'll be looking.

  • Amazing like always :) Team Alex! But, I still think something is not right about Christopher... and I like all the characters. Hope you can include my character in one of your quizzes :) Cant wait for the next part

  • I really need part 10 NOW!!! oh I can't wait to see what happens, I love your ending by the way! You are amazing! I hope they get there on time for the Faerie ball. It sounds like it will be great! I can't wait for the next part! You have left me wondering what is going to happen next. Your great with your little twists! But I really do need part 10 ASAP!!!

  • You had an amazing ending on this, just thought you should know =) Hmmmm, I like the character Sarah! Whaaaat? No! I didn't just choose her because she's me...*cough* Can't wait for the next one!

  • still Team CHRISTOFER yeah my love never changed but something in him has changed he's still not the same, i sshould know he's my future, i like Bella, if Oath did anything to Chris i'm going to torture him

  • PART 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! I'll definately miss this series, but I have to know what happens next!! Anywho, out of all those characters, I like Bella the most for no reason at all.

  • Sarah.

    I AM A VEGETARIAN! D: D:< TACO BELL HAS ONLY 30% REAL MEAT! :O The rest is filling, which is made out of mysetry meat (random cow parts). >.<

  • BELLA!

  • Omg part deux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooooo gonna miss this series like firey_soul, but its been a really amazing one :D

  • just oh my god.... oh my god.... -_- you got to stop doing that with those cliffhangers.. u hear ma!!!!!??


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