A Kingdom Under Seige Part One

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This is a story based quiz in which you play the part of a medieval princess who suddenly finds herself in charge when her castle is put under siege by a neighboring kingdom. You will have to be smart, practical, and know who to trust and who not to trust.

Prince Roman, the foreign prince, General Daniel, the head of your Army, Lady Violeta, a mysterious noblewoman, your uncle Prince Tyron, and even your best friend and cousin Konstantin could all be working against you. And there are plenty of other challenges that you'll have to face as you try to ensure your castle survives the siege.

Created by: Vasilisa Vasilyevna
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  1. You are the princess of the kingdom of Magal, daughter of King Marcin and the late Queen Jozefa. Your father, heartbroken when your mother died when you were little, refused to remarry and try to have more children, and you have become his trusted right hand. Today you are at a banquet in honor of Prince Roman, who has come from a neighboring kingdom on behalf of his father to discuss treaties. Next to you is your closest friend and cousin, Prince Konstantin, whose father is the king's brother. You have grown up together and are very close. What do you talk about at the banquet?
  2. You are socializing when your uncle Prince Tyron, Konstantin's father, asks to speak to his son and Prince Roman alone. With a glance at you, Konstantin complies and steps away with the prince. Konstantin and his father aren't extremely close, because your Uncle Tyron is always pushing him to fulfill his own ambitions, while Konstantin is more easygoing. The banquet is breaking up, anyway, and dissolving into dancing. What are you going to do?
  3. A court herald enters and introduces two messengers from Enlor, the kingdom to the North of you. Even though there is a fragile peace, you are still wary of their war mongering king. The king allows them to approach, but as one of them begins to read the letter from the king of Enlor you realize it is actually terms of surrender to Magal! Angrily the king demands that the men be taken away but with lightning speed the second messenger throws a dagger that buries itself in the king's throat. Horrified and numb at the same time you allow the guards to push you to the ground and stand before you, but by now they have also swarmed the two men to drag them to the dungeon. Konstantin runs to you as the hall panics, and you sob into his arms for a moment before your eyes meet and he kneels. "Your Majesty." Realizing you are now the queen, what action will you take?
  4. Eventually the panic dies down. The King's body is removed from the throne room, and the nobles swear their allegiance to you then and there, although in your heart you know you cannot trust all of them. They're always out for their own benefit and they probably think you can be easily manipulated as a young girl. The guards return exclaiming that the Elnoran army has surrounded the castle and that a segue has begun. Immediately a panic starts up again. Who do you turn to to calm the crowd?
  5. Everyone is ordered back to their rooms, if they have them, and the servants begin preparing spaces to sleep for those who were just here for the banquet today. Your father's second in command, General Daniel, approaches you to offer his condolences but also to tell you that the situation is not good. While the Elnorans won't be able to breech the walls of the castle, there is no way that your men will be able to fight your way out. It is time to make your first decision of the seige. What will it be?
  6. Although no one will get much sleep tonight, you decide to regroup in the morning after making your decision. Prince Roman catches you as you head to your room, looking even more serious than usual. "I'd like to help any way I can," he says. "I offer my services as a warrior as well as a diplomat." Do you take him up on the offer?
  7. You move on from the prince when you see Lady Violetta, one of the more influential nobles, speaking quietly to a few others in the corridor. They disperse when they see you, but not before you see her hand one of the others a note. When you approach her and ask what she and the others were discussing, she says it was funeral arrangements for your father, and the paper she gave the other person were words that she thought should be said at the funeral. Do you believe her?
  8. The next morning, you go down to the armory to speak with the Captain of the Guard. General Daniel, Prince Tyron, and Prince Roman are already there, and are discussing the situation. Prince Roman proposes trying to get a letter to his father, King Edward, to tell him about the siege and ask him to send his army to help break it. Do you agree to this?
  9. You are meeting with your uncle and your advisors when Konstantin comes running in. "They're attacking the walls!" He yells, and everyone runs into the towers to tell what is happening. The Elnor army is using a large battering ram to continually ram the doors, and though it doesn't seem to be working yet, they cannot hold forever. What do you do?
  10. The battering ram is eventually abandoned into a full out battle, as arrows are fired and even rocks are thrown between the Elnors on the ground and the Magal soldiers from the castle. Yet you notice two of General Daniel's men leaving the battle, and they don't appear to be the scouts you sent out. However, eventually your Magal soldiers force the Elnors to retreat and all is quiet for now. Returning to the throne room, you decide you need a right hand man for this siege. Who do you appoint?
  11. As you draw up plans for what to do in the coming days, it comes to your attention that the plans you have drawn up earlier of the castle and it's resources have disappeared, and this is how the Elnors knew that the gate they used the battering ram on was the least fortified! You now know you have a spy in the castle, and they must be arrested and put in the dungeon, to be convicted of treason. Who do you think is the spy?

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