Trusted Figments pt.3

Welcome to part three of Trusted Figments.I released this one early but sadly its very short and I'm sorryDX.I'm going to do a character contest so listen carefully.I want one girl character(yes another girlXD).You must include the name, looks,personalitity,dislikes and likes and who she likes(Jax or mystery guy)The winner will have their character in part 5.Thank you:)

~~~RECAP: After your talk with the guy(who you don't know his name)you ran to class.Your teacher announced an asignment and you have to pair up with a partner.Jax already chose the new girl(you were upset) and you finally asked the mystery guy to pair up.He agrees and Jax comes up to you asking if you wanted to join them but you told him that you were working with mystery guy and you pointed to him but he wasn't there.ENJOY:)

Created by: ICE_CUBE97
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  1. My hand dropped and as well as my mouth. "_____?Are you okay?"Jax asked. "he was RIGHT here,Jax.This guy that was sitting by me..." Jax gave me a look. "_____,are you sure he was sitting there?" I nodded slowly and stood up,looking around.Jax still had that weirded out face on him. "Well,do you want to work with us?" I glared at him for the first time.I've never been like this towards him.He backed away and walked back to the new girl.My heart crash into pieces and I felt tears sweeling up in my eyes.I sat down and hid my face from them.For the first time...I felt alone.
  2. After school,I went to Barber's,a coffieshop.I always go there after school.I just hope Barber,the manager doesn't see me.She loves to talk to Jax and she gets all upset because he didn't come,which this case.I slide in a booth,slouching afterwards.My eyes skip to the window by me.The sky owned the greyest clouds,preparing for the rain.I sighed,not know how I'm going to make it home dry.I faced forward and I litterally jumped,frighten.The guy was sitting across me,his albows on the table with his head leaning on them. "Hi again."he chuckled.I sat down quickly,slouching again. "Who are you and what do you want from me?"I scolded.He leanned back dropping his hands on his lap. "I told you I wasn't going to leave you and I will NEVER."
  3. "Can I at least know your name?"I muttered rolling my eyes.He shook his head. "A name's a name.Let the rest grab your attention,babe."He winked and folded his arms in front of his chest. "Don't call me 'babe'.I barely know you." "Ohhh so if we get to know each other,then I could call you that,eh?"he winked making me blushed.A waitor walked up to us with a pad in her skinny pale hands. "May I take your order?"she asked sweetly.I nodded."I only want coffie."I replied.She jot it down and turned to the guy.He thought about it for a sec then finally order chocolate milk with a chocolate donut.She jot it down and walked away.I clasped my arms together as a breeze came in.A guy came in,taking a seat in the far front. "You cold?" I snapped my eyes back to the guy sitting in front of me. "No."I lied.He shot the 'really?-look' and took off his jacket,finally leaning over the table so he can swing it over me.He sat back down and may I say,his jcket was soft and warm.
  4. "By the way,my name is Pierce if you want to thank me in the right way."He chuckled making me smile."Thank you Pierce." He smiled and finally the waitor came with our drinks along with his donut.She placed it down on the table and walked away,going to take the other guy's order.Pierce took a sip of his chocolate milk,his eyes on the grey clouds hovering in the sky slowly.He placed his drink down and his eyes bounced back to mine.I quickly took a sip of my coffie but that was a bad idea.My tongue snap back after the coffie burned it.
  5. Pierce chuckled."Are you ok?" I nodded,my tongue feeling like nothing anymore and I hate that feeling.He took a bite of his donut and looked out again.Now that I got to know him better from the last time we met,he seems nice and cute-woah wait.What am I saying?I wouldn't thought I would think that but boy I was wrong.I pushed my coffie away from me and stared at him.His bluegreen eyeswas still on the clouds.It's when I realized that it was raining.Rain pour and it kinda darken outside due to the clouds.Pierce stood up."I have to go."he muttered,finishing his donut and chocolate milk.I nodded. "I have to go too." He took out five bucks and placed it on the table. "Want a ride?" I thought about it first.It IS pouring so why not?
  6. I nodded and we ran out quickly in his car.We didn't get much wet and his jacket pretty much took cover for me.He turned on the car,the radio started playing.A song was just starting to play but it was in a launguage I couldn't understand.Pierce's eyes widen and he turned it up. "Its 'Tu Cuerpo' by Pitbull ft. Jencarlos."he chuckled,noticing I wanted to know. "Oh." "Yeah,its in spanish but theres a english version but spanish is better."he smirk singing along. "Acercate un poquito me introuzco...tu,tu,tu,tu. Esa carita tan sensual,que a mi que a mi me provaca besar. este mundo.Ven y te muestro algo mas profundo.Los sentimientos estan diciendo mi amor. Calla esa boquita,y solo deja que hable tu cuerpo,tu cuerpo,tu cuerpo...solo deja que hable tu cuerpo,tu cuerpo,tu cuerpo.Solo deja que hable tu cuerpo (ole ole ole...lalala...ole ole ole...lalala)"
  7. My eyes widen. "Wow.You know spanish?" He nodded like he was embrassed and drove us through the icky rain. "I think thats cute." He smiled and we took a right. "Well...I don't speak it much.I kinda know French too." "Wow.I only know English." Both of us laughed and I told him to take a left.He took the left,mouthing out the lyrics.I looked out the window.It kinda got foggy but not a whole lot to the point where you can't see.
  8. "So,that guy that was partners with that new girl is your boyfriend?" I shook my head. "No.He's just a fr-er...his name is Jax." Pierce nodded stopping at a red light. "You seem upset towards him.Why?" "Wait how did you know?You disappeared when he came over.It kinda embrassed me." Pierce made a face. "_____,I never left.I was there the whole time."he went on as the light turned green. "How come I couldn't see you?And what about him?" I asked.Pierce sighed. "______,I don't know." I pointed at my house and he stoppedIn the driveway. "Thanks."I muttered.I took off his jacket but he stopped me. "You can give it to me tomorrow."he smiled.I nodded and got out,running in the porch.I inset the key in but I didn't went in.I stood there,watching him drive away until he wasn't seen.
  9. I open the door and went in closing it slowly.I have an annoying brother and a sweet mom.My dad's on a business trip so he isn't here and if he was,I would tackle him in a bear hug.I went in the kitchen and opened the fridge door.I was still hungry and the rain made me even more sleepy.
  10. I closed the fridge and sighed.I really need a job so our family csn find something to eat because there isn't anything good in here.I ran upstairs and into my room,jumping on the bed.There is nothing to do.My mom and brother are probably sleeping early and I hate that.We don't hang out much like a real family does...
  11. I kicked off my shoes and turned on the tv. Spongebob was on and I squealed.I sat up and placed my covers as a pillow,resting my head on it. I pretty much enjoying the show until there was a knock on the window.I jumped up as the knocking grew harder and louder.I slowly walked toward the window and sneaked a peek.I let out a scream and stumbled back landing hard with a thump.
  12. ~~~CLIFFHANGER! Yeah,I know.Sorry this part is extremely short and boring.Next part will be longer.~~~

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