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  • Gender:Female
    Name :Sage
    Hair Color:Dark Dark brown

    Hair Height:About mid back,usually kept in high ponytail

    Eye color:Icy Blue,changes occasionally to grey or green.

    Skin:Pale,but not vampire pale.
    Fitness:Athl etic looking.

    Persona lity:Upbeat at times around certain people,but quite and contained around people she doesn't know.Is awkward when trying to talk seriously to people,making them and her laugh.Very serious at moments where there is nothing but laughter.Is the LAST to understand the joke,despite her smartness,which allows her to think through a situation.

    She loves music.She is also protective over her little sister.She hates studying,but gets straight A's and is occasionally called the beautiful nerd.She hates people who use the words(not trying to offend anyone!)"Swag",and "Y.O.L.O".

    The guy is Pierce

    This is so different from all the story lines!

  • Gender: girl
    Name: Akita

    Looks: Bleach blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back, bright deep sea blue eyes, and tan skin. She basically has that "model look". Abs, skinny but muscular (if that makes any sense), and about 5'5".

    Personality: Kinda has a short temper/fuse. Doesn't like it when people compliment her 24/7. Has a hard stare if she doesn't know you and shuts herself out to the world. But if you are her friend, she is there for you and laughs easily and warmly. She can brighten up your day if you're having a horrible day. Really nice and funny and sarcastic. Has a kinder heart to animals more than humans.

    Likes: Animals and surfing.

    Dislikes: People being around her 24/7 and animal cruelty.

    Oh and the guy can be Pierson.

    Okay, that's about all I can think of, I hope that is enough :).

    Loved this part and I didn't think it was that short. It's longer than when other people say their next part is gonna be short. Well, anyways, I loved this part, and I can't wait for the next :).

  • Loved it can't wait for part three


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