Is Your Friend To Be Trusted?

Lots of friends can be trusted, but there are also those friends that are only sometimes to be trusted or never to be trusted. This quiz should help you figure out what kind of person your friend is.

Again, I hope this helps you. I hope you got a good result because it stinks to have friends you don't think you can trust or know you can't trust. Good luck!

Created by: Lillianna

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  1. Has your friend ever told any of the secrets you told her?
  2. Is she always there when you need her?
  3. Has she ever lied to you or betrayed you in a huge way?
  4. Does she seem to like hanging around you?
  5. Has she ever tried to steal your boyfriend?
  6. Has she ever read your diary or been told a secret by you that is one of your deepest darkest secrets and what did she do?
  7. Have you ever betrayed her or told a secret of hers?
  8. When you call her and tell her to call you back, does she?
  9. Has she ever promised to do something for you and didn't do it?
  10. Has she ever betrayed anyone else?
  11. Okay, last question. What do your instincts tell you? Do you think you can trust her?

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Quiz topic: Is my Friend To Be Trusted?