Are your friends raptors?

Raptors are everywhere, they are a real life, modern day threat and are VERY dangerous. Raptors cannot be in anyway trusted they are mindless killing machines with no fear!

so what if your friends happend to be raptors? It is very likely after all! well you would almost certainly die! find out if your friends are raptors before it's too late.

Created by: rissy
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you see your friends wearing top hats?
  2. What is their opinion on grape juice?
  3. do they ever have difficulty opening doors to your knowledge?
  4. does having gum on their shoe or foot displease them?
  5. do you feel at risk of raptor mind control?
  6. do you tend to have lots of meats on your person?
  7. What would you do if they were raptors? It is very possible even if this test says they aren't.
  8. what is their opinion on conversational spanish? remember only conversational spanish the rest doesn't matter
  9. when asked if they are in fact raptors what is their response
  10. Do you love me?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir friends raptors?