this is a quiz that will let you know whether you are a good friend or not and if your friend thinks that she can trust you or not. this quiz is for people of all ages.

are YOU a good freind? Are YOU trusted by your bff? will you and your best friend be friends forever? these are the questions that you ask yourself all of the time, but are never answered, until now. In this quiz all of your questions about friends will be answered! thanks!

Created by: meggy

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  1. how many fights have you and your best friend had?
  2. you have a new crush. Can you tell your friend about him and trust her not to tell?
  3. would your bff ever make fun of your lil' sister
  4. your best friend tells you thast she has a huge crush on your big brother you...
  5. your best friend comes up to you one day with a sad look on her face you ask her whats wrong she tells you that she just told your enemey who you were crushing on you...
  6. can you trust your friend with all of your secrets
  7. would your bff ever make fun of you behind your back
  8. your school is having a talent show and your bff says that she wants to be in the talent show and that she is gonna sing. she sings for you and asks if you think she sounds good. you know that she sounds bad so you tell her that...
  9. you are having a sleep over and some of the girls call you over and tell you that shaina,your bff has a big zit on the top of her HUGE nose, and then start laughing at her, you...
  10. you and your bff are in the mall and see her crush you...

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