Braelyn Celeste Snow

We all strive to be our best, or so it would seem. However, being a good person means one is able to be trusted.If no one trusts you, how does one do well in a job, school, relationships, or life? It most likely reflects back on your character.

Are you trustworthy? Do others look to you for help with important decisions? Do you even trust yourself?Would "reliable", "dependable", or "upright" be words used to describe you? Take this quiz to find out. You might be surprised!

Created by: Braelyn Celeste Snow

  1. Do you love to impress everyone around you?
  2. How often do you have to use an alibi?
  3. Do you have multiple "significant others"?
  4. How hard is it for you to keep a secret?
  5. Have you cancelled a date/get-together with someone, just to hang out with another person?
  6. Do you keep promises?
  7. Do people put you in charge of things?
  8. Why do you change your mind?
  9. Do you set goals for yourself?
  10. Have you gotten away with something wrong?

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