Which Obscure G.I. Joe Character Are You?

Are you an true American if you don't like G.I. Joe? Or if you don't take at least one barely entertaining online quiz per day? You can work on both those requirements by taking this stupid quiz.

You may have heard of Destro, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Duke, Snake Eyes, and the other popular main characters, but many intriguing and heroic figures such as "Stalker" were also part of the G.I. Joe cosmos. See if perhaps you have a little more "minor character" in your personality.

Created by: Virgil Mumford

  1. Your favorite breakfast-cereal mascot is:
  2. Who is one historical figure you wish you could go head to head in a game of Connect Four?
  3. You would really love to take a trip to....
  4. One book you'd enjoy reading or perhaps re-reading is:
  5. I prefer outfits that favor the color:
  6. Your favorite Youtube clip is:
  7. Murder is:
  8. Classic Film:
  9. Which Scooby Doo character do you most identify with:
  10. You are walking down the street and Billy Ocean pulls up to you in a convertible and asks you to get out of his dreams and into his car. You:
  11. Cobra Commander is a:
  12. Which Yacht Rock artist/group do you prefer?
  13. Before dying, you plan on:

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Quiz topic: Which Obscure G.I. Joe Character am I?