Around The World and Back Again (Part 4)

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ATTENTION: I would advise anyone who haven't read this story or who want to jog their memory back to click on my name Jinx_TheSleuth and take parts 1, 2, & 3. Thanks! Sorry I take so long to come out with the parts.

We left off with you lying on a beach wondering what the hell happened until you met a boy named Derek. He took you to his home and you end up staying with him because you had amnesia. You found out you're in Margarita, Venezuela! Then, you met his best friends Jason, Zack, and Blake. You spent some time with the guys and had some steamy encounters with Derek and Blake. Giggity ;D After that, you get your memory back and remember everything about the clans, the missing artifact, Zador, and Sean. So, you're wondering if you can trust these guys. Can you?

Created by: Jinx_TheSleuth

  1. Oh yea, just in case you forgot how the guys look. Zador-Black hair and amber eyes, Sean-Blonde hair and topaz eyes, Derek-Light brown hair and soft blue eyes, Jason-Black hair and deep blue eyes, Zack-Red hair with white streaks and green eyes, and Blake-Blonde hair and red eyes. Happy reading = ] I'm confused...who do you like again?
  2. You keep hearing the voice and then it stopped. You opened your eyes and saw the guys staring at you. "______! She's up guys!" Zack said. Everyone ran up to you. "_____? My name is not ________. It's _________." You said. "I think she got her memory back." Blake said. "I forgot about Sean and Zador!" you said. You jumped up while the guys looked confused. "Who are Sean and Zador?" Derek asked. "They're my friends. I was sailing with them before I met you guys and I guess we shipwrecked." You explained. "Oh! That's right; we sunk in a whirlpool inside the Bermuda Triangle. That's probably how I got here." You said pacing back and forth. "Calm down _______." Jason said. "Is there somewhere you need to be?" he asked. "Yes. I remember the hydra clan and the stone pieces... I'm the key." You said. "The key to what?" Derek asked. "I'm the key to finding the missing pieces of the Cassiopeia Stone." You said. The guys all jumped out of their seats.
  3. "What's wrong?" you ask the guys. "You're the key! That's great." Zack says. "You can help us find the missing pieces of the Cassiopeia Stone!" Derek chimed. "Oh that's right. You guys are the tiger clan." You said remembering everything. "That's right. So, will you help us?" Blake asked. "Don't get in over your heads guys. How do we know she's the real key? And plus we don't need any help." Jason said upset. He got up and walked upstairs to his room. "What's biting him in the ass?" Zack said.
  4. "I agree with Jason guys. We don't know if _________ is the true key and we don't want to push her." Derek said. "Yea you're right." Blake said. "Hold on, I can make decisions for myself!" you said a little offended. "So what do you suggest?" Derek asked you. "I will think about it. I don't know if I might just leave and go find my friends." You said. "But we need you _________." Zack said disappointed. "It's her decision." Blake said. "We can sleep on it until tomorrow and then hear ___________'s choice whether to stay or go find her friends." Blake's expression saddened a bit. You all chose to go to sleep and as you walk up to your room you stopped at Jason's room. You decided to knock on his door. "Come in" Jason said. You walk in.
  5. Jason is lying on his bed and he sits up to look at you. "Hey..." you say. "Hey. Look _______, I'm sorry for the way I acted." Jason apologized. "It's okay. And you're right. I might not be the key. I'm thinking about leaving anyways to find my friends." You said. "Oh. Do you know where they might be?" Jason asked. "No clue." You said. " good luck." Jason said. He layed back down. "Well, goodnight." You said. *What was he going to say?* you thought to yourself. You closed his door and went to your room. You fell asleep. That night you had a dream about Sean. He was standing near a tall statue holding something. The statue was a giant man wearing a robe holding both arms out. The area and statue looked very familiar... It was almost real. You heard glasses smashing and that's when you realized you weren't dreaming anymore.
  6. You run downstairs to see what was going on. You walk into the kitchen to see Jason and Derek fighting. "Whoa guys calm down!" you said. Both guys were fighting and knocking glasses around. You separate the two. "Why don't you care about her?!?!?!" Derek yelled. "This is not about her. You guys just want to use her." Jason said. "You know that's not true. It's her decision." Blake came in. The guys started to yell and babble at each other until you decided to end everything. "GUYS! I've made my decision. I'm leaving to find my friends." You finally said. The guys got very quiet and their faces turned blank. "I'm sorry. It's just the right thing to do." You said. "I understand." Blake said. You could tell he was heartbroken even though he accepted your decision. Derek just nodded. Jason just looked the other way. "When are you leaving?" Zack asked. "I'm leaving this afternoon." You said.
  7. A few hours later** you go upstairs to pack your things and Zack walked in. "Hey _________." Zack hugged you. "Hey Zack." You hugged him back. "Where are you going to start searching?" he asked. "I don't know but I had this weird dream lately." You said. "About what?" Zack asked. "It's not that important." You lied. Somehow you knew this dream was very important, especially if Sean was in it. "You know I'm gonna miss you. We haven't spent time together that often. I mean we just had our first date and now you're dumping me." He gave you a cute smirk. You smiled back. "I'm gonna miss you too." You said. Blake entered as Zack walked out. "I sympathize your decision to leave. But I can't lie, I will miss you." He said. He hugged you tightly and whispered in your ear. "Je suis amoureux..." "What does that mean?" you ask. "Don't worry about. Just get packed up and meet us downstairs. We have a surprise for you." Blake walked out. After you finish packing, you walk downstairs to meet the guys.
  8. When you walk in the living room, you see everyone except Jason. *he must still be angry in his room* you think to yourself. "What did you guys want to show me?" you asked a little bit excited. "Close your eyes and hold my hand." Zack said. You can tell you were being pulled outside. "Surprise!" you hear the guys say. You open your eyes and see an electric blue Mazda CX-9 with a big bow on it. "Is this for me!" you hugged each and every one of the guys. "How did you get this?" you asked. "Derek knows a guy who knows a guy..." Zack said. "You guys are great. This can hold 8 people!" you said. "I know. That's why we decided to go with you." Blake said. "WHAT!?!?!? Are you sure?" you asked. "Yeah. I think you could use four strong and handsome men to show you around South America." Derek said. "But what if they're not in South America?" you asked. Then you really thought about it: *what if they were somewhere else or worse?* you didn't want to think about it. "We'll worry about that later. But for now, let's pack." Derek said.
  9. You walked in the kitchen because you were hungry. You were so excited and relieved to have the guys. Jason walked in while you were munching on a pop tart. "Hey ____________." Jason said. You decided to let it all out. "Why are you angry all the time? If it's something I did, please don't take it out on the other guys." You kind of yelled it out. "You wouldn't understand." Jason said. "Why? The only thing I don't understand is why you won't tell me what's bothering you. Jason..." you said. "I have to pack." Jason said. "You're coming too?" You asked. "Of course..." Jason said. He walked out the kitchen. *What's bugging him?* you thought to yourself. You finish your pop tart and Derek calls you in the living room. "What's up?" you ask. "Are you ready for us to bring your stuff to the car?" he asked. "Yeah sure." You said. After Derek and Zack put everyone's luggage in the car, you were all ready to go.
  10. 11. "Let's go guys!" Zack said jumping up and down. I think he was the most excited. "So, where's our starting point?" Derek asked. "I think we should look in Cartagena, Colombia where I live." Blake said. "That's a good place to start. We can start at Cartagena and plus we'll have a place to stay." Derek said. You had a good feeling about this but then you thought about the dream. Maybe if you found out where Sean was standing it will lead to more answers. Someone interrupted your thoughts. It was Jason. "Do you mind if I sat next to you on the ride there?" he asked. "Yeah, of course." You said. "I've been acting like a jerk and It's not your fault or the guys." He said. "Then whose fault is it?" You asked confused. "I just have a lot on my mind." He said. "Um, ok." You said. You get in the car and wait for the rest of the guys to hop in. You hear someone screaming and when you open the door Zack jumps on you. "HEY!" he said. "Whoa, a little hyper aren't we?" you said laughing. "I can't wait." Zack said. "Who's driving?" you both ask at the same time. "I'm driving." Derek said. "Awww why do you get to drive." Blake asked. "Because you sleep a lot, Jason gets distracted, and Zack is too hyper." Everyone laughed. "Good point." You said. "Well then, let's roll." Derek said.
  11. You and the guys are now on the road. After a couple of hours of laughing and talking you managed to fall asleep. DREAM MODE: You're climbing a mountain. You can see you're getting closer to the top. The wind is blowing hard and you can feel the clouds striking your face. When you reach the top, you see a whole city and the ocean. The statue from the dream before is still raising its arms out and you can see Sean still standing in front of it holding something. You can't make out what he's holding but he's looking directly at you. You walk closer to him. "___________. You have to go to..." he said. You couldn't hear what he said but then you saw what he was holding – a piece of the Cassiopeia Stone! "You have to go to..." he kept repeating. "You have to go to R...i...o..."
  12. What's a story that ends at a very exciting part? Oh yea a...

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