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  • the pain of the cliff hanger its terrible x x love your stores though

    wolfgirl1920 Jul 4 '12, 3:37PM
  • Whoa, these Tiger Clan guys move fast o.o ... but they're hot X) I don't know if I can trust them though... great job on this series so far, by the way :)

    xxblutixx Apr 17 '12, 9:18PM
  • VENEZUELA!!! WOOT WOOT! XD........ did i mention i have pure venezuelan in my blood... yeaaaaa..... .....

    PuffBall Apr 17 '12, 7:22PM
  • So i'm torn between two clans bothare pretty hot so i choose Tiger Clan since 1. Hot guys 2. Tiger is my fave animal

    angelic4 Apr 17 '12, 3:09AM
  • Thanks for taking my quiz!

    Jinx_TheSleuth Apr 16 '12, 11:44PM

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