World War Z part I of III

Welcome to the world war Z quiz part I of III. This quiz is not like the other zombie quizes, it is much much harder.It is a bit shorter than others, that is why it is split into three parts

But if you get a low score on this quiz, you will never kon where the 2nd or 3rd part of the quiz is. Only the people with a good score will find it in there results, because it is not on this website.

Created by: Sam Bankson

  1. Lets start off by saying, what do you rely mostly on?
  2. The Zombie outbreak has hit the news, what do you do?
  3. Whatever you did, (and hopefully you didnt kill yourself) you managed to bump into your 4 friends, creating a group of 5. Member one: you. Member two: Drew, your best friend, the group leader.Three: Sam, another of your best friends, has a parent in the military, and is Co-Leader. You are his assistant, making you the assistant Co- leader. Four: Jacob, a nerd, soon to be bait. and 5: John, very quiet, but very loyal. The 5 of you are driving down the highway and come to a place where you are forced to carry on foot. What do you take?
  4. Later that night when you have abandoned your car, you are walking in the woods. Drew looks at his watch. It is 11:45. Luckily, Sam stumbles upon 3 different hiding places. What do you chooose?
  5. The next morning, you and john go down to explore. You stumble upon an abandoned store, that is filled with several materials for you to defend your base. What kind of materials do you take?
  6. As you haul your materials back to your base, you come into contact with your first Zombie encounter. Sam and Drew are at the base fighting off about 16 zombies. What do you do?
  7. No matter the outcome, (and lets hope you didnt run off x wink wink x) after the attack, Drew breaks the news to you that jacob was eaten. Sam helps you put up the new fortifications, and you even manage to begin building a small watch tower. That night, The 3 boys are uneasy and want you to be the lookout in case the zombies come back, what do you do
  8. That night the zombies do return... With a force of about 80 strong!what do you do?!
  9. This quiz will be continued
  10. If you get a good result on your quiz it can tell you where to find the second part to this quiz, because it is not on this website

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