Live, Laugh, Love

This is part two to Live, Laugh, Love series. I added two more boys, eliminated one character, and added a new one. FYI, this quiz has a really weird cliffhanger at the end. I hope you like the quiz(exept for how I eliminate a character. That part is very sad.)

In the next part and every part after that, I will put the description of all of the boys in this second paragraph. I'm sorry about part of this one, it's not exactly origional. I hope you like the quiz!

Created by: JoJoJorden

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  1. RECAP: Shyann told me about my voice-activated room. "Cool!" I say, trying to sound excited. I jump onto the bed, and find out it's a water bed. I jump up, and walk to the closet. It's a walk in closet, full of clothes. I go back to the bed. "Kyle made this room..." Shyann mutters. "What? Who's Kyle?" I ask her, curious. "Kyle is-was my brother. He died last year in a war against the BPW." She says, almost crying. I walk over and hug her. Once she stops crying, she walks out of my room to go to bed. I walk into the bathroom, shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair, put on my pajama's, and slip into my water bed, covered in blue silk sheets. The second my foot touches my foot, I'm half asleep. By the time I'm completely covered by a blue comforter, I'm asleep.
  2. I wake up in a bare room, and I'm floating in mid-air. "Alright. I'm awake." I say, as the room appears. I walk into the closet, grab a lime green spagetti strap, black skinnyjeans, a lime green and white DC hat, and white converses with black shoelaces. I walk into the bathroom in my room, straighten my hair, put black mascara, black eyeliner, and smokeygray eye shadow with a tiny bit of light pink lipgloss. I brush my teeth, and walk down to the kitchen. Bane drops his fork. And I finally see Chance. He has his mouth wide open. Shyann just looks jealous. I sit between Bane and Chance. "Wow Shyann, you know how good Zoe looks in green!" Chance says, as I blush. Shyann looks mad. "I didn't lay clothes out for her. I just shopped for her." She snaps. We all put our hands up, and we laugh.
  3. "Zoe, we really need to start training, and testing. Tomarrow, I will train with you for one power. The next day will be Shyann, then Bane." Chance says. Just like when I met him, I melt. "Ok. When will we do the testing?" I ask, hoping there will be no needle involved. "Today. After breakfast." Bane says calmly, cutting up a pancake. Chance eats a piece of bacon just as I finish mine. Both of our plates are empty, so we go to the lab. We walk silently in the hallway. When we get to the door, he turns to me. "Zoe, look. I don't know your powers, but your family is the oldest magical family ever. It goes back hundreds of years." He says to me. "So you're probably really powerful. Zoe, I like you. Will you go..." His voice trails off. I just act like I didn't hear anything, and I walk into the lab.
  4. Chance directs me to a white hospital bed. I sit down, and he grabs my arm. He pust a shot into it, and my vision becomes blurry, and I black out. I wake up and I'm lying on the bed, and Chance is turned to the computer. I try to sit up, but it feels like I'm on a roller coaster, so I lie back down. "Take it easy, Zoe." Chance says, grabbing my arm. I pull it away from him. "I don't have any more shots." He says, holding his hands up. I allow him to sit next to me, and I sit up. "Zoanna Saq, you are a mind reader. You are a mind minutplilator(sp). You are a fallen angel. You can fly. You can heal, and you are an imortal." Chance says, reading one more power. "And... you have... the touch of death." He stutters. I sit back, and pout. "The touch of death is only triggered by pure hatred, don't worry." He reasures me.
  5. I nod. We go back downstairs, and I take a shower, brush my hair, brush my teeth, and put my pajamas on. I fall asleep instantly again, and I have a creepy dream. I'm laying in a field. Surounded by daisys. All of a sudden I can't breathe. I gasp for air, but I can't get it. I wake up, and Shyann is at my side. I fall back asleep, and see a red hand glowing. I wake up again, and stay awake. I hug Shyann. The door flings open, and Bane, Chance, and another guy walk in. "Are you ok, Zoe?" They all ask at the same time. I nod. Shyann runs up to the other boy and hugs him. "I thought you were dead! Wait, was that Logan?"She asks him, tears streaming down her face, taking make-up with her. "Zoe, this is Kyle." She says to me, pointing at the boy with light dirty blonde hair, bark brown eyes, and freckles. I wave awkwardly.
  6. He flashes me pure white smile. "Hi. You are?" He asks me, extending his hand. "I'm Zoe." I say, blushing. He shoots his hand down, and runs it through his hair. He puffs out his cheeks and blows air out. I notice he has the same violet eyes, black hair, dimples. All that is different is that his hair is very messy. "I'm Shyann's brother." He says cooly. I nod. There is a long awkward silence, but of course Bane breaks it. "Awkward silence." He whispers very quietly. We both laugh and Kyle, Chance stare blankly at us, they didn't hear. I follow them into the living room, and we sit down. Shyann gets up, and goes into the kitchen to make lunch. So, I'm alone with Chance, Bane, and Kyle. Bane is trying not to laugh. Chance is smiling at me. Kyle is looking blankly at the cieling. Kyle, and Chance jump up to help Shyann, leaving me with Bane. He's scribbling in a blue notebook. I realize that Chance had said that I have levitation. "What are you writing?" I ask him, trying to look over the cover. "Stuff." He replies. I pout. "What kind of stuff?" I ask again. He shrugs. "Just stuff." He says, loking up at the ceiling. I levitate his book, and make it fly out of the room. I make it fly into the kitchen, and Bane pulls me onto the ground, tackling me. My hands are trapped by his knees. "HEL-" Is all I can say before Bane covers my nouth. I stop screaming, and he bends down more. His minty breath sends chills up my back. I stare into his dark brown eyes, and he stares back into my bright green eyes. He leans down more. He kisses my forehead. My cheek. My other cheek. And the corner of my lips. I hear a thud and he gets off. "I knew that would work." Bane says, proudly. I snort. He goes after his notebook, but again, I put it right above his reach. I make it fly over to me, and open it. I see great drawings. One of Chance, with his head up facing the sky, clouds surrounding him. Kyle, with lightning bolts around him. Shyann, surrounded by grass.
  7. Then, there was me. I was lying in a meadow, my arms behind my head, my dirty blonde hair scattered around my head. I'm surrounded by purple daisys. I shoot my head up and see Bane standing there, blushing. He runs over, grabs his book, and sits back down. "Those are really good. Why didn't you tell me you like to draw?" I ask him. He smiles, then his eyes are filled with pain, fear, and sadness. "The last person I drew..." His voice trails off, and Chance, Kyle, and Shyann walk in. "We need to go. Now." Kyle says as the front door swings open. Rielly and a guy my age walk in. The other guy is familiar. He's the quarterback on the football team. Shaun. Kyle grabs me, Shyann, Bane, and Chance. I get squished inbetween Chance, Bane, and Kyle. I don't see Shyann, but I hear her voice. "No. I can fight. I am going to protect you guys." She walks over to us, tears in her eyes. She hugs all of us. "I will miss all of you if I die. Kyle, I love you big bro." Shyann says, hugging him again. I squeeze my eyes shut. I force them to stay open, and I see the other unknown boy turn into a wolf, and rip Shyann to tiny pieces. I lean against a tense and muscular body. I scream, and I feel arms wrapping around me.
  8. Soon we break apart, and Kyle grabs us all. He squeezes his eyes shut, and opens them right after I do. We're in a bowling alley. We walk up to the counter, and none other that Yolonda turns around to help us. She pulls her hat over her face. "I need a nine." Kyle says, blushing over his tiny feet for a guy. "I need an eleven." Bane boasts. "I need a ten." Chance whispers. "I need a seven." I say, making them all look at my feet. We get our shoes, grab a ball, and bowl. Kyle puts our names down. "Ban, Chan, Ky, and Zoa." He mumbles. I sit by him, and his eyes are filled with pain. "Why a bowling alley?" I shout over Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert, which is booming out of the speakers. Kyle leans in. "So we can talk." He says softly. I nod. "Let's go play airhockey." He says, pulling money out of his pockets. We walk over to the airhockey table. I win. 9-1. We walk over to the guys to see Bane and Chance sitting by girls. They both look annoyed. Chance gets up, and puts his arm around me. "See? This is my girlfriend." He says to the girls. Bane grabs my hand. He yanks me away from Chance. "No, my girlfriend." Bane says. The girls walk off, annoyed.
  9. Bane takes my wrist and leads me to the pool table, away from Chance and Kyle. I try, and don't hit a single ball. Bane comes up behind me, puts his hands over mine, and shows me how to play. His chin is pushed up against the back of my head. I look up into those brown eyes. He smiles. "Dejavu." I say, remembering earlier. Bane laughs and walks back to the opposite side of the table. "Zoe. Will you... never mind. You'd just laugh." Bane mumbles. I'm curious now. "Why would I laugh?" I ask him, raising one eyebrow. "Because. I have one power. You have..." He whispers my powers and counts them off on his hands. "Seven powers. I can't believe you have the touch of death." He says the last part under his breathe. A girl with straight black hair, icy blue eyes, and freckles walks up next to Chance. I'm confused. "Zoe, this is Nickie." Chance says slowly. I nod at her. She waves excidedly. "I've heard so much about you in the past ten minutes!" She says to me as Nickie and I laugh. "Oh really?" I ask her, raising an eyebrow at Chance and Kyle. We laugh again because they blush. "Nickie is my cousin." Chance says quickly, in usion with Bane.
  10. I laugh as they glare at eachother. I go back to the counter to get more Dr. Pepper and run into- CLIFFHANGER!

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