How much MRC are You?!

There aren't many people that know these facts. Are you smart enough to know this? if your not just run home with your tail between your legs. because this will burn your brain.

Are YOU a genius in MCR studies? YESSSSSSSSSSSS? lets find out now Laugh Laugh Laugh! IM EVIL. *_* thats you afrter taking my quiz if your a dumb one. i was just joking or was I? scary music! ^_^

Created by: Danielle

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  1. Who is the singer of My Chemical Romance?
  2. Who is the only band memeber that is not from New Jersey?
  3. What was their last tour name?
  4. How old is Frank Iero?
  5. How many CDs do they have out?
  6. Is it true Gerard's middle name is James?
  7. What day, month, and year was Gerard born?
  8. True or False. Mikey was born in the same town as Frank. (Belleville New Jersey)
  9. Did Matt replace Bob or did Bob replace Matt?
  10. What is Sammi Jo's Favorite song by them?
  11. What song does Nick C. freak out about every time he hears it because it is his favorite song?

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Quiz topic: How much MRC am I?!