You cannot score more than 50%

Hello. Do you really think your brain is smart? I doubt it. Well, if you don't try this quiz I guess and see for yourself!!!! Good luck! OR NOT!! haha

You aren't really THAT smart, are you? Well, you can try in this super easy or hard quiz. I hope your brain isn't fried because even a Harvard grad couldn't get higher on this!

Created by: Evil clone

  1. How many raptors are in jurassic world
  2. What color is my hair
  3. LALALALALA Are you dead?
  4. Are "popular" people b----y?
  5. in harry potter what is the luck potion called
  6. What is Mew's clone? (genetic clone)
  7. What breeds are Witch Cronos Dragon made of?
  8. hferjgsleghrbwaelgaeprk.!!!!!!!!!! YAY
  9. boom boom clap boom boom clap
  10. I LOVE
  11. BYIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEI you will not score more than fifty I know it

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