How much Football knowledge do you have?

Can you do my quiz, maybe you can or maybe you can't if you can will you score high or will you score low.If you score high you have a good brain if you score low it doesn't matter try try again.

Are YOU a genius if you are you will score in this quiz if you're not you won't score so high.What do you know about football,it all comes down to this...

Created by: Sonal Saji

  1. Who won the first FIFA World Cup?
  2. Who has the most Derby wins?
  3. Who has the most Premier League wins?
  4. Who has the most El Classico wins?
  5. Who has the most COPA America wins?
  6. Who are the first Asian team to win a World Cup?
  7. Who has the most World Cup wins?
  8. Who won the 2008 Champions League?
  9. Who was the host of the 2010 world cup?
  10. Who was in the finals of the 2014 World Cup?

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Quiz topic: How much Football knowledge do I have?