Which football position are you best suited for ?

If you have always wondered which football position you are best suited for, this is the best quiz for you. Remember, this is not American football, I am talking about soccer.

Ever had problems between you and your coach regarding football positions? Now you will have no more as you will soon be able to rediscover yourself.

Created by: Sreyan Saha
  1. Could you give an idea about your height ?
  2. Now tell me about your physique.
  3. How fast can you complete a 100 meter dash ?
  4. Can you dribble well without getting tackled ?
  5. How far can you dive ?
  6. If you are shooting from a few meters outside the penalty box and you are being followed by one defender, how well will your shot work ?
  7. Which is your favourite set-piece ?
  8. Can you stop a player ?
  9. How would you liked to be viewed as a player ?
  10. Just as a matter of interest, in which position would you yourself like to be in ?

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Quiz topic: Which football position am I best suited for ?