What football position are you meant for?

Tackling someone for a loss of yards, sacking the quarterback, catching the pass and running it for a touchdown, calling audibles and watching the defense and predicting their movements, and vice versa. It is football, one of the most popular sports in the world.

What position are you most suited for? To have a star position like a quarterback or half back, or to be an extremely important yet lowly recognized linemen. Perhaps you get to layout a running back as a linebacker, or sack the quarterback as a defensive linemen. Take the quiz 2 find out.

Created by: Cameron
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  1. You like tackling
  2. If you injure someone, do you feel bad about it?
  3. You feel great about running for a touchdown.
  4. You feel great blocking for your quarterback long enough for him to throw a touchdown, or the halfback to run for a touchdown
  5. If one of your teammates was down, would you help them back up?
  6. If the other team was trash talking, would you talk back?
  7. If you lost the game, would you take it and shake their hands?
  8. The referee completely blows a call, possibly costing you the game.
  9. A wide receiver catches the ball, and they could go all the way for a touchdown. On the way, he trips, and you needed that touchdown to win the game.
  10. You win the mvp award for your championship game. Would you focus more on yourself, or give your teammates some glory as well?

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Quiz topic: What football position am I meant for?